Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cool Discovery in Fantasyland!

It's always cool to find something in the parks that you never saw before. 

While in the Magic Kingdom this past week, saw these two stained glass windows in the Castle Couture Shop in Fantasyland. The stained glass on the left features Tick Tock Crocodile and on the right, Mr. Smee from Disney's Peter Pan (1953).

I'm guessing these go back to when the shop was originally built and called Tinker Bell's Treasures.

Being a fan of this film, this was a very cool find. .


Timon said...

I have always liked Cinderella's fountain. Something very graceful about it. That's why I was happy to hear Mom say the same thing when I brought them to the Magic Kingdom for their first visit.

The addition of the dress is perfect. Now where have I seen that before???

Timon said...

Oops. I think I meant that comment to go in the previous post. Sorry!

About the stained glass windows, at the Arribas Brothers in Disneyland this past March, I picked up two stained glass window ornaments: one of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and the other of Mickey.

These two of Smee and the Croc are a nice tribute to Tinker Bell's Treasures.

Duckman said...

It's all in Fantasyland and right around the corner from one another, so all is good :)

My guess, that stained glass goes back to the when the shop was Tinker Bell's Treasures. I have to give credit to the rain on that trip for discovering these. Had not been ducking into the shop to escape the elements, would probably have not noticed them.

Will have to check out the stained glass you describe. I have quite a collection of the stained glass window hangings that Disney Catalog offered back in the early 1990's.