Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You're Invited to a Wedding!

From one of the least portrayed weddings in all of Disney animation, with a bespectacled Toby Turtle and an hero-worshiping Skippy Rabbit as admiring attendants, dashing Robin Hood and lovely Maid Marian walk arm-in-arm after having tied the knot.

The second scene release from Robin Hood (1973) features Robin Hood and Maid Marian and making their WDCC Debut, Toby Turtle and Skippy Rabbit. The complete scene was sculpted by Bruce Lau. Robin Hood and Maid Marian are an Open Edition release and Toby Turtle and Skippy Rabbit are Limited to Production Year 2009.

For your viewing pleasure (courtesy of YouTube.com) is the ending sequence from Robin Hood (1973):

Robin Hood ©Disney


Gurgi said...

OK - LOVE the Robin Hood scene! Can also see my sister getting Robin Hood & Maid Marian for her son's wedding. Robin Hood was his favorite movie growing up. Maybe they'll use it as a cake topper??

Herc said...

Toby and Skippy are adorable. Definitely getting them all. I can always get away with a wedding theme in our house even though it is not one of Nancy's favorite movies.

As a cake topper, they might have to cover up the base as it is blackish in color. Real flowers around the base would do the trick.

Herc, your happy wedding planner.

dopey926 said...

This, too, is a great scene. My favorite is Toby Turtle!

Bruce did a great job with all of them.

Matthew said...

Yay Toby and Skippy! More wonderful "secondary" characters brought to life in the WDCC. They are too cute!

RH and MM look great as well, but gotta love the little guys!

Behr said...

Love the secondary characters and nice to see new pieces in Robin Hood being added.

Duckman said...

Very happy to see Robin Hood revisited and very happy they're doing some of the secondary characters like Toby Turtle and Skippy Rabbit.

The potential with this scene. It can continue to be added to like Nightmare Before Christmas. Would be great to see the rest of the Rabbit Family (Mom, Sissy and Tagalong), Lady Cluck, Friar Tuck, King Richard and Alan a Dale.

In watching the Youtube clip I included with this entry, noticed Little John is driving the carriage, dressed in his Sir Reginald costume, as he was depicted in the first scene release from Robin Hood.

Bob said...

Carl, Jeff thats a great idea,to use Robin Hood and Maid Marion as a wedding cake topper.
Really like RH & MM but I think Toby Turtle and Skippy Rabbit make the scene.

Rearrangeing the curio again...LOL

Duckman said...

Hey Bob,

Initially only planned on Toby & Skippy but the more I've been working with the images, keeping looking at my curios trying to figure how to work in Robin & Maid Marian too .. LOL!

Rewatched the youtube clip again. I'd really like to see Friar Tuck, Sissy and the elderly Owl couple added.