Monday, March 9, 2009

All Sewn Up!: Dry Retirement of the Dress Mannequin from Cinderella

Honored today (03-09-09) as a dry retirement is the Dress Mannequin from Cinderella.

The Dress Mannequin made its WDCC debut in February, 2005 (the 55th Anniversary) as an Open Edition release with Cinderella ("Oh, Thank You So Much!), Lucifer ("Catnap Interrupted") and Mice in Sewing Basket ("Surprise!"). The Dress Mannequin includes Cinderella's Sewing Book as part of the sculpture. In February 2006, Gus & Jaq ("Tiny Tailors") was released as a companion piece to Lucifer.

This is the second sculpture from that scene release to be retired. The Mice in Sewing Basket were retired in August, 2007. Cinderella was sculpted by Rafaello Vecchione; the Dress Mannequin, Lucifer and the Mice in Sewing Basket was sculpted by Chris Peterson and the Gus & Jaq miniature was sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

A dry retirement means that there is no longer product in the warehouse. Please check with your authorized dealer for availability.

1 comment:

Herc said...

What a wonderful accessory this dress mannequin turned out to be.
Now if I could only afford the Cinderella dress piece.