Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sorcerer Mickey: 2nd Release in Disney Artist Series

The Disney Artist Series made its debut in October, 2008 with the release of Tinker Bell, a Limited Edition of 2,000 available through all Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection Dealers and the Walt Disney Theme Parks.

Magical and mystical, Mickey Mouse (as Sorcerer Mickey from Fantasia) grandly commands all the mighty powers of enchantment. Sorcerer Mickey is Limited to Production Year 2009 and the Second Release in the Disney Artist Series, designed by Disney Master Artist David Pacheco.

Sculpted by Dusty Horner, the backstamp will bear the Disney Artist Series Logo and Dave Pacheco’s imprinted signature.


Gurgi said...

The Disney Artist Series Sorcerer Mickey is very nice - like the facial expression and different pose. I think it will do well.

Herc said...

I also like the fact that he has a stern look on his face mimicking the Sorceror.

Different that he is limited to 2009 compared to Tink who was an NLE of 2000.

dopey926 said...

I really love this piece. Mickey definitely has "attitude" going on. Dusty captured it exceptionally well, as usual.

This is a must piece for me.

Matthew said...

So happy to see Mickey in such uncharacteristic light. Great sculpt and a definite addition for me!

Behr said...

Great addition to the Artist Series. Surprised they didn't make it limited edition. Also disappointed that Dave's signature will be imprinted. I would rather have Dusty's since he's the sculptor.