Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grand Jester Studios Launches New Disney-Inspired Bust Collection!

Grand Jester Studios proudly announces the debut of a new line of dynamic busts designed to capture all the grandeur and power of The Walt Disney Studios’ noblest heroes, loveliest heroines, and vilest villains. Brought to life by Disney and Grand Jester Studios under the creative direction of animator and sculptor Rubén Procopio, these limited edition polystone busts offer collectors and Disney fans alike the opportunity to bring home and display their favorite animated and live-action characters in this detailed collectible format.

The first seven offerings in the collection include the fairest of them all, Snow White, and the diabolical Witch who plots her demise; The Little Mermaid’s majestic King Triton and Ursula the scheming Sea Witch; puckish prankster Peter Pan and his nemesis, the maniacal Captain Hook; and the high-flying Rocketeer, who has earned the distinction of becoming Grand Jester Studios’ first sold out edition.

“My goal is for each character to practically leap off the shelf with their expression and vitality,” states Procopio, whose ability to infuse each bust with a dynamic line of action springs from his years of experience as both an animator and sculptor. Now the famed artist has directed his considerable skills to designing and art directing this amazing new collection of busts. As Procopio explains, “each figure’s pose and attitude is designed to highlight the unique physical mannerisms and personality traits that Disney fans worldwide have come to know and love about their favorite characters.”

Standing between 6 ½” (16.5 cm) to 10 ½” (26.7 cm) tall, these stunningly beautiful busts are remarkable not only for their dramatic poses, but also for the painstaking attention to detail evident in every subtle facial gesture and film-inspired base design. This dedication to character authenticity extends to the smallest costume detail, from the tiny rivets in the Rocketeer’s streamlined helmet to the flaring cut and dramatic folds of Captain Hook’s billowing jacket. Special care is also taken to match each film’s original color palette.

Available for order (while supplies last) through Sideshow Collectibles at, Diamond Comic Distributors’ Previews, and Disney Shopping, Inc. at, the initial wave of Disney busts will quickly expand to encompass iconic and eclectic characters from Disney’s live action and animated films and shorts and Disney-Pixar films, as well. Suggested Retail Prices range from US $60.00 to US $85.00.


Bob said...

I recieved King Triton & The Rocketeer today. They are really well done.
The detail on each piece, especially Rocketeer is amazing.
King Triton could go well with the new Ariel piece. The only thing is Triton is a little lower,but I think with the use of a riser they would complement each other well.

Not totally sold on just the bust,but I think they could grow on me.

Wish WDCC would do a similar pose of Triton.

Duckman said...

Congratulations Bob! Was great chatting with you last night about these. Very cool on scoring a Rocketeer! I understand that this one has sold out.

Like you, not 100% totally sold on these, as I prefer full sculpts of the characters. I do like the action design of these characters. Rocketeer, King Triton, Ursula, Hag and Captain Hook are great!

I like your suggestion of King Triton with the WDCC Ariel and Prince Eric Statue sculpture. You need to take a picture of them together and post and/or send to me to post. Very interested in seeing these two pieces together.

Like you, would really like to see another King Triton sculpture done by WDCC. I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record but would really like to see one done like the maquette sculpted by Ruben Procopio for the film --

Behr said...

woohoo, I just got word that I'm receiving the Rocketeer off my waitlist request.

There are two new additions thus far being added for 3rd quarter, which are tink and stitch.


Duckman said...

Congratulations Geoffrey!

You will have to let us know your thoughts on the actual sculpture once received.

After reading your post, checked out Sideshow Collectibles and saw they have images posted of Tinker Bell and Stitch.

Below are direct links. It might be interesting to note, Stitch is a polystone bust and included with the previously announced releases. Tinker Bell is listed as a porcelain bust.

Stitch -

Tinker Bell -