Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aloha from Hawaii!

It's a Small World (formatted “it's a small world” by the Walt Disney Company) is a popular attraction at several Walt Disney theme parks: Disneyland© (in California), WALT DISNEY WORLD© (Magic Kingdom in Florida), Tokyo Disneyland© and Disneyland Resort Paris©.

The ride features a multitude of audio-animatronic figures in the style of children of the world singing the ride's title track (composed by the Sherman Brothers), which has a theme of global peace.

Like several other Disneyland© attractions, It's a Small World originated with the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair (it was Pepsi's© pavilion). After the fair closed the ride was transferred to Disneyland© and when the other parks opened they too included versions of the ride. The attraction was designed by Mary Blair, who was also an art director on several Disney animated features (including Cinderella and Peter Pan). Like many Disneyland© and Walt Disney World© attractions, scenes and characters were designed by Marc Davis, while his wife, Alice Davis, designed the outfits of the dolls.

The name of the ride was originally "children of the world." When Walt Disney demonstrated it to songwriters, the Sherman Brothers, the ride's soundtrack featured numerous national anthems all playing at once. Disney said, "I need one song." In response, the brothers wrote what would disputably be known as the most performed and translated song on earth: It's a Small World.

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is proud to announce Hawaii as the latest installment in very popular It's a Small World Series. The Hawaiian Girl and her Leaf Prop are scheduled for a May 2009 release.


Babette said...

It's Hula Time!!! Definitely adding this one to the ever growing WDCC luau scene -- Timon, Hawaiian Holiday, Tahiti, Nemo Tank accessories, now Hawaii

Gurgi said...

LOVE Small World Hawaii - got a place in the curio for her already. Now it makes sense why Tahiti got retired - to make room for Hawaii!

Herc said...

I so love this Hawaiian girl. It is a beautiful piece. I think she is my favorite of the quarter. Emily is going to love her.

Good point Carl. Didn't think about that until you mentioned it.

I like that the Small World Attraction still lives on. Glad there is at least one this quarter.

dopey926 said...

Babs said it best - it's Hula time! This, too, is a great piece.

Love all the Hawaiian themed pieces!

Duckman said...

Hey Gang,

Like Toni, loving all the Hawaiian themed pieces lately. This is probably one of the cutest Small World pieces to date. We had stopped collecting the Small World releases around the time of the release of Brazil but will definitely be adding this one to our collection.

This evening added two additional angles of Hawaiian Girl .. TOO Cute!

Matthew said...

Great pose, so cute!

Behr said...

Glad to see a new Small World Piece. Keeping them coming. Sure hope they add some more full sized animals as well!