Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fab 5 Go Hawaiian Giclee

Collectors Editions has released a giclee that I'm very excited about - Fab 5 Go Hawaiian from Disney's animated short, Hawaiian Holiday (1937) featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. I think the pairing of this giclee with the recently released Hawaiian Holiday Scene from the Walt Disney Classics Collection would make an awesome grouping!

Upon my first visit to the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World, as I approached the elevator in the lobby, my eye immediately went to a hand-painted cel of Mickey and Minnie from this short. I was unfamiliar with the Disney shorts at that time, so did some research upon returning home to find this short not only contained Mickey and Minnie but the rest of the Fab Five as well. I had always hoped WDCC would release a scene from this short (still keeping fingers crossed we see Pluto to complete the scene in the near future), so you can imagine how excited I was with the 2009 First Quarter announcements :) If that wasn't aware, this year Collectors Edition also announced something from this short as well. Does it get any better than this??

I didn't waste any time in ordering this giclee. Mine is from the general edition size of 95 and referred to as a B.A.T. (Thanks Very Much Michael!!) which means Bon a Tirer. Here an “official” definition of B.A.T. (French of course…):

When the artist is satisfied with the graphic from the finished plate, he works with his printer to pull one perfect graphic and it is marked "Bon a Tirer," meaning "good to pull." The printer then compares each graphic in the edition with the BAT before submitting the graphic to the artist for approval and signature.

There are in fact two editions of this image that were done, and the following details should help to disseminate between the two:

Animation Art Limited Edition

Collectors Editions premiered this painting and limited edition at Animation Art Limited event in Schaumburg, IL during a VIP Trevor Carlton event on December 5, 2008. This edition is limited to 30 and measures 15" X 25-1/2". The original painting was sold at this event and fully disclosed to all in attendance that the 30 piece edition was the debut and unique to Animation Art Limited. Additionally, it was announced that a general edition of this painting would be released as part of the first Disney Fine Art releases in 2009.

2009 Winter Disney Fine Art General Release

This limited edition has a general edition size of 95 and measures 22" X 35".

About the Artist

Monte Trevor Carlton was born in 1972 in Olympia, Washington State. Although he took up painting in high school, the first artistic passion that Trevor embraced was acting. He decided to forgo an art scholarship in favor of attending a dramatic arts scholarship at Skagit Valley College.

Trevor next attended the Lee Strasberg Acting Workshop. The following year he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Amidst the chaos of auditions and callbacks, Trevor paid the bills by working in a custom furniture store, specializing in antiquing and faux finish designs.

It was here that a style was born. Using reclaimed lumber as his "canvas", he started painting images of vintage Americana with subjects ranging from pop icon celebrity to the hey day of jazz.

After numerous gallery shows in Los Angeles and private commissions he has now combined his unique style to that most American of symbols, MICKEY MOUSE. Along with a series of classic lobby card paintings, he has also created a performance piece that has him painting a large canvas of our favorite Disney characters in a matter of minutes.

“I want people to imagine they found my artwork in some old run down movie theater basement. Unpreserved and forgotten, an antique bearing the nostalgia and character that only time can bring.” ~ Trevor Carlton


dopey926 said...

As you said, Don, a must have to pair with the Hawaiian Holiday series. I can't wait to see it in person!

Thanks, as always, for the definition of the different art works. Congratulations on your B.A.T.!!!


Babette said...

Trevor does great stuff for Collector's Editions. Also I have been able to see him work live both at the last WDCC convention and at the Pirate convention in WDW a couple years ago. It is always fascinating to watch him build a painting in an hour or so. Congrats on a great pic Don! said...

Anyone wants the DLX edition of 30 images only,. we have them in stock and you can pick your number from stock. This is Unique that there is only 30 of these done..

Duckman said...

Toni & Babs - Thanks! It's a very cool giclee. Trevor really achieved his goal in giving the giclee the unpreserved and nostalgic feel in both the texture and coloring used. A great compliment to the Walt Disney Classics Collection Hawaiian Holiday Scene.

I like that WDCC sculptures are in different poses than the giclee. I had originally planned on displaying both together but looks like I might not be able to accomplish that :( Either way, both are amazing in their own rights. Kudos to both Trevor and Jacqueline for an awesome job done by both!

Babs - I was fortunate enough to see Trevor paint at the 2004 WDAC Convention and agree, it's amazing to watch him work and create.

dopey926 said...

Babs, I forgot we got to see Trevor Carlton at the Pirates event! Thanks for jogging my memory! LOL

And, as you and Don both said, he is amazing to watch! said...

Once again Trevor will be performing at the first Sat in Dec this year. Remember, The 30 Piece limted of Fab 5 Goes Hawaiian is Still available and you can pick you number..