Thursday, April 3, 2008

Second Quarter: Balance of Quarter Update!

Update: Quite a few emails between last night and this morning regarding the balance of Second Quarter for 2008. As reported in both my Blog Entry and Website Presentation, we were to expect the balance to be unveiled within the next few weeks of that announcement but ended up being a couple weeks longer than what other websites had posted.

The Duckman's Inside Report will go live tomorrow evening (Friday, April 4th). This allows information to flow from Burbank to the sales force and then to authorized dealers. I will also have individual blog postings for each new release for anyone who has any specific comments plus all the pertinent information such as sizing, plussing and sculptor information.

Thanks for your patience!


Jason S. said...

Thanks for updating us when your site'll go live, Don. Anxious to read some of the additional info you'll have regarding the pieces besides looking at the wonderful images, of course.

Nice touch using the pic of Donald and the parrot for this blog entry.

Matthew said...

Looking forward to your report!

Herc said...

HI Don,

You did another fantastic job. I love all the pieces.