Friday, April 18, 2008

Updated Facts & Firsts for 2008!

An updated edition of Facts & Firsts for 2008 has just been finalized and available for download (click on image at left). This update includes all releases through Second Quarter 2008 plus today's retirements and suspension.

Should you catch any errors, please email me at so we can be sure to get those corrected in the next update.


BJ said...

Hey, thanks Duckman! Been looking for a few of the older ones, including the Three Caballeros figurines, the Pedro figurine, and ESPECIALLY the "Something's Cooking" Chef Donald figurine (which I've been lusting after since 2001, but have NEVER seemed to find).


Duckman said...

Hi BJ,

All those you listed are great sculptures. I know the 3 Caballeros show up on eBay but don't hear too often about Chef Donald. Pedro I have seen occassionally.

Michelle/Babette might be able to better answer.

Babette said...

Pedro shows up on ebay often. Donald cooking periodically. There may still be some dealers out there who have inventory. You might want to try and call a few as listed on the Dealer Listing on Don's site