Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two Opening Titles Suspended!

Today the Walt Disney Classics Collection announced the suspension of the following two Opening Title Plaques:

Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty

These items have not been retired but are sold out at the warehouse and there are no immediate plans to re-order. Collectors who are interested in either of these items should contact an Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection retailer for availability.

The Alice in Wonderland Opening Title was released in March 1999 with the first scene release from Alice in Wonderland which consisted of Alice, the King & Queen of Hearts and the Card Painter.

The Sleeping Beauty Opening Title was released in April 1998 with the release of the Dancing Aurora, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.


cuatrecess said...

Uh oh! I need both of these......Thanks for the heads up Don!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why I just don't get them in the beginning!!!!!!!!!!

Duckman said...

Hi Cheryl,

You're welcome! I'm a big fan of the Opening Titles. Wasn't sure if I needed a second Sleeping Beauty title (since I have pieces from Sleeping Beauty displayed in more than one cabinet) but am ok.

Debating whether to pick up a third title for the upcoming Sleeping Beauty Jeweled Box and a second Alice in Wonderland title for the upcoming Queen of Hearts.

Glad to see there are others like yourself who enjoy collecting the titles as well!

cuatrecess said...

Decisions! Decisions! Those are two amazing pieces coming up!

Duckman said...

Totally agree Cheryl!

Just finished adding an additional angle (side view) of the Queen of Hearts. This is my 2nd favorite release, right behind Elliott.

Matthew said...

I always add the titles to the films I collect.

Like you, Don, sometimes I have pieces from the same film displayed in different areas so have often bought multiple copies for each area.