Friday, April 4, 2008

Third Quarter Preview: Peg a True Dog Pound Diva!

Peg, a sassy, stray female Lhasa Apso, whom Lady meets (along with the other dog inmates she was put in a cage with), when she is caught by the dog pound. It is implied that she had a relationship with Tramp in the past, through the lyrics of the song she sings, He's A Tramp). She was formerly from the Dog and Pony Follies (dog and pony show). Either the shows ended or she was left behind.

Peg and the rest of the Dog Pound Gang (Toughy, Boris, Pedro, Bull and Dachsie) have been highly requested by collectors and Peg has been given the honor to be the first in a brand-new Members Only series, the Collectors Choice Series.

Dog Pound Diva, sculpted by Margi Wray will be available to current Walt Disney Collector Society

Previous Lady and the Tramp releases can be seen in the Lady and the Tramp Gallery section of the website and also participate in Peg and Dog Pound Gang Poll and Lady Too? Poll at the Internet Cafe.

Below is how Peg came to be part of Lady and the Tramp (as told by Walt Disney) courtesy of YouTube:

Lady and the Tramp is ©Disney


Timon said...

We don't see many things with Peg, so it's great she's been immortalized in the collection.

Two questions come to mind right away that I'm sure others are thinking about as well.

1) Will they be adding the rest of the Dog Pound Gang?

2) Can you tell us more about the Collectors Choice Series? Is this something where members will be polled or can give input into which future pieces they'd like to see (like the surveys we used to turn in at the end of the Conventions).

You may direct me to my latest issue of Sketches if it's in there. I just got back from a business trip and haven't read my copy yet...for shame!!!

Herc said...

I think Peg is a great addition to the collection. I see that she has the same base of cobblestones as the Bella Notte scene. Wonder how she would look with them?

Jason S. said...

Well, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that this piece excited me the most when checking out the newly unveiled releases. Happy to say I am not disappointed in the least; I think Margi did a fantastic job in bringing Peg to life. She even arrives just in time for my birthday in August.

Tim asked some good follow-up questions.

The rest of the Dog Pound Gang is certainly on my mind. Hoping with Peg being a 3rd qtr preview that we see the rest plus Lady unveiled then; wouldn't mind seeing a pound cell base with bars down the middle to accompany the dogs either seeing as they were separated into 2 adjoining cells.

Behr said...

I'm happy to see additional pieces of different characters from the classic movies. I'm only missing 2 pieces now from the entire series and was beginning to ask myself if I should just stop but seeing new characters brought to life and the hope that the rest of the Dog Pound Gang is a possibility will keep me coming back.

Cheryl S. said...

This is my favorite of the new pieces! We (my husband and I) enjoyed the clip Don, many thanks!

You've been busy Don, thanks for all that you do!!!!!!!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

You're welcome Cheryl! It's nice to see you posting again.

I was initially looking for a clip of that sequence but lucked out finding the one I did. It's been a while since I've watched the DVD, wondering if that is a bonus feature on the disc? If not, something they should consider on a future release. JTDO.

BJWanlund said...

Thanks Duckman! I'm looking at the WDCS membership for 2008, as Donald Duck is my favorite character, and this might push me over the fence!


DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hi BJ!

Always nice to meet a fellow Donald Duck fan :)

Haven't renewed yet for 2008. Usually renew in the summer. Margi Wray did a great job on Peg. Going to push/campaign hard for the rest of the Dog Pound Gang!

BJWanlund said...

Yeah, same to ya, Duckman! :D

Interesting that you renew in the summer. Could you explain, please?


BJWanlund said...

Never mind, I got it. You basically bought your membership in the summer.


DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hi BJ,

Apologize for just getting around to answering your question. I normally always renewed as soon as the membership gift was available. The year of Belle (2005), I wasn't happy with Belle's face from the photos (those that know me will attest, I'm a huge face person). I waited until the first chance I had to see the piece in person, so didn't renew until summer that year. Since then, have just waited until summer to renew now vs. the first of the year.