Saturday, March 8, 2008

Second Quarter Announcement: The First Wave!

Update: Quite a few emails last night and this morning regarding the 2008 Second Quarter Annoucement. The Duckman's Inside Report will go live at noon EST today (Saturday, March 8th). This allows information to flow from Burbank to the sales force and then to authorized dealers. The update will include all pertinent information plus additional angles for each sculpture.

This announcement includes the first wave of releases planned for Second Quarter 2008 to coincide with the upcoming Sketches mailing. Be watching in the next few weeks for the balance of the quarter to be announced, including the 2008 Summer Premiere Event Sculpture!

When the website goes live at noon today, I will also have individual blog postings for each new release for anyone who has any specific comments. Thanks for your patience!


valery said...

Just a few hours...
Just a few hours...
I am impatient

Koen said...

Hi Don,

Love the new logo you're using for the second quarter. Definitly a piece i'm intrested in.

Looking forward to you presentation.

Jason S. said...

Thanks for the ETA, Don. Looking forward to reading all the relevant info on the pieces and checking out the additional angles. Already got one courtesy of your 2nd qtr logo, which is nice as the image I've currently seen of Bacchus doesn't even show the wine sloshing out of his cup.

Interesting that the next Event is a Summer one. Are we possibly switching over to Summer/Winter events vs Spring/Fall ones?

Kushal Ruia said...

hey Don!
I have one more request for you for the main site (after the update of the banner with the production mark icons);)
I guess my new request may be too much work, and maybe impossible too...but i thought i'd throw out out there case u looking for a challenge!lol

u see ur annual calendars, are simply awesome!
i love them so much that i would like to print them and keep them as an annual release catalog. they give all the info one might need at a glance.
the only thing that is missing and which would make it PERFECT (for me), would be if under the "FIGURINE" column, u also had a little thumbnail of the piece.
that would be simply amazing.
again, i know it might be too much work, u probably thought of doing it anyways.
but yeah...its my wish list from you!
thnx for all ur gr8 work