Friday, April 4, 2008

Drumming Up Some Noise: Small World Zebra!

Those who regularly follow the Blog may recall back in October, a discussion we had regarding the Small World Zebra (discussing the Convention Gift version from the 2000 Disneyana Convention) and Poll to coincide at the Internet Cafe. In our poll, 55% said they would like to see the Zebra done.

We obviously were on the right track :) Included in the balance of the 2008 Second Quarter assortment is the Zebra with his Drum ("Jungle Percussion") from the ever-popular It's a Small World Series.

The Africa sequence of the ride is really fleshing out into a great representation of that portion of the ride. We have the African Boy with Giraffe, Hippo and Oxpecker Bird and now the Zebra. How about some Hyena's?? Time for another Poll? You Bet! Follow the link to the Hyena Poll at the Duckburg Cafe!


Timon said...

I am thrilled and so excited about this piece!!!! (And all of the other 2nd Quarter pieces)

I've always been a fan of It's a Small World, and getting the first three pieces on the WDCC Cruise sealed my fate with this set.

The African scene has turned out to be such a winner. The Hippo is awesome and now it keeps getting better with the Zebra. Thanks for taking the poll, and THANK YOU to the powers that be to make this one a reality!!!!

Not to be greedy, but now may we also have the Hyena??? :-)
(Think of it this way: we'd need three of that one!)

Duckman said...

Hi Tim,

Totally agree. The Africa sequence of the ride is really turning out great!

Next to Italy, Africa still remains my 2nd favorite of the Small World releases.

You know how I enjoy doing a poll, we struck gold once, what say we try again? Updated the blog entry with a link to the Hyena Poll I just set up at the Cafe!

Herc said...

I think this one is one of my favorites. Great job WDCC. Love him. Keep adding to the series. This can go on forever!!

Behr said...

Tim, I'm like you the first three on the cruise sealed me with this series as well. I hope they add ALL of the animals from Small World.

Timon said...

They should do more cruises and release new pieces. Talk about making money off of us! LOL!

It just goes to show that Disney is great about creating fond memories and then capturing that moment.

I'm especially happy when they capture that moment with WDCC!!!

Behr said...

I totally agree with you Tim. I only attended the last two events before they ended them. Would love to meet with other collectors and share our love of the line and you are so right on that those memories created just add a bigger appreciation for the pieces at the events!