Thursday, December 13, 2007

Your WDCC 'Wish List'

As the year is coming to a close, many readers have been emailing wondering when the remainder of 1st Quarter 2008 will be unveiled? As of this entry, I haven't received and/or heard anything yet :(

As we're waiting for the announcement and keeping with the theme of this month's entries, what are you wishing to be unveiled as part of this announcement and/or future unveilings for 2008??

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Matthew said...

Thanks for letting me campaign again, Don! Here are my wishes for 2008:

Finding Nemo: Mr. Ray & Students
Silly Symphonies: Winkin Blinkin and Nodd (sorry if I spelled them wrong), Who Killed Cock Robin
Theme Park: Haunted Mansion (available through dealers so we won't have
to pay high theme park shipping rates)
Fantasia: Arabian Fish, Milkweed Ballet, Snowflake Fairy, Pegasus
Little Mermaid: Eric & Max
Shorts: Lonesome Ghosts

If I get even one of those this year I will be one happy camper!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

I'd like to see a new Fantasia piece, maybe of Bacchus & Jacchus or a new Nutcracker piece like Matthew said. Or pieces from movies that haven't been done yet.

I'd like to see a new "Then & Now" piece for Goofy like they did with Mickey & Donald. That'd be awesome!

It's funny how Matthew mentioned Lonesome Ghosts, 'cause I'm surprised they haven't done a Lonesome Ghosts piece yet! Maybe we'll ge one soon.

JL said...

as always, I'm hoping for a little black pegasus

Behr said...

The last two from Nemo's Tank Gang and Ray as well.

The Muses from Hercules

Additional Characters for Hunchback.

My biggest wish of ALL is no duplicates of previous characters just all new characters never done previously!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Duckman said...

Matthew, will that make you a Good Scout like Donald? :)

I've been a pretty good duck this year, so hoping for the following:

Silly Symphony Series-Wynken, Blynken & Nod and Elmer & Tillie.

Coachman and Alexander from Pinocchio

Remaining Mermaids from Mermaid Lagoon Scene

Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo

Darcy said...

DOPEY, DOPEY, DOPEY! Did I forget to mention DOPEY? Yes I know we have lots of him, but would like one as he is leaving to wash (Wash Scene).
Snow White in forest & spooky trees
Alice in Wonderland: All that I have mentioned and more!
Pinocchio: Coachman, Donkey Lampwick & Alexander
Finding Nemo's Mr. Ray with Pupils
Fantasia: Fauns (I believe they are called) on top of pedestal playing his flute. Bacchus & Jacchus, and Zebra Centaurette

YourGhostHost said...

Hi everyone! This years pirate collection is awesome. Being able to look at those pieces is the second best thing to being on the ride itself. When I attended the pirate convention in May, they had a WDCC seminar. Dave Pacheco let one slip during his presentation saying they had been in the Haunted Mansion just as they went in the POTC ride to get the true prespective on the pieces they did. A Haunted Mansion series like this years POTC would be a wish come true.

Sergio said...

Hi Don!

This is my wish list.

Clara Cluck from Robin Hood
Edgard from Aristocats
Littl' Bad Wolf from Silly Symphony
Magica De Spell from Comic Book inspired
Yzma from Emperor's New Groove
The Coachman from Pinocchio
Professor Ratigan from Great Mouse Detective

My favourite ones: Villains and Secondary characters never done before !!!

Happy Christmas!!

Matthew said...

Yes, Don... a very good scout! LOL


disneyvillionaire said...

Wow, where do I begin...

The Black Cauldron: The Horned King
Lady and the Tramp: Aunt Sarah
Great Mouse Detective: Ratigan
Pinocchio: The Coachman
Dumbo: Elephant Matriarch/ Pink Elephants
Aristocats: Edgar
Rescuers Down Under: McLeach on the chair with Joanna
Pocahontas: Gov Ratcliffe
Hercules: The Titans or Hydra
Mulan: Shan Yu
Tarzan: Clayton
Emperors New Groove: Yzma

and I know this is a LONG shot as they go but I would LOVE to see Forte from Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas

but in the meantime HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

David Gilson said...

I guess my wishes are hopeless but i still dream of many female characters such as :
. Giselle from Enchanted as animated maid.
. Princess Kida as a queen or flying to the Cristal !!!!
. Captain Amelia (with Doppler?)
. Chicha, Pacha's wife in Emperor's new Groove.
. Esmeralda with Djali in her purple dress.
. Jasmine in her red slave fits.
. Jane Porter with her red pareo or a scene with Tarzan !!

Magic Mirror said...

Scary Forest scene from SW&7D, the Vultures from SW&7D, the Hag on the rocks, or ANY SW&7D scene.


Cindy said...

I loved "Meet The Robinsons", and my absolute favorite character was Goob. I would love a piece of him to add to my orphan collection, which currently includes Boo, alien from "Toy Story" and Nemo, all being babysat by Jessica Rabbit. There was so little merchandise of him released at all. When I saw the film at the El Capitan Theatre, they had a maquette in the downstairs area of him in his baseball cap and outfit. He was just adorable.

And from "Ratatouille", I'd want the food critic. He was my favorite.

Herc said...

Wow, I think we all have great wish lists. I would love to get the Muses from Hercules or even Phil. Still hoping that one day WDCC will make the Christening scene with all the Gods.

I think it is time for a new scene from a new movie and I am wishing for The Great Mouse Detective. Any new addition to the Silly Symphony collection would be welcomed.

I also wish for another holiday series to be started that will last a few years. Maybe finally getting Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Love the entire collection and all new sculptures would be welcomed.

Merry Christmas to All and Best Wishes for a green box day!!

KingHubert said...

Wish List time, always fun.

1. Eric & Max from Little Mermaid.
2. King Hubert with either Prince Philip or King Stephen from Sleeping Beauty.
4. Flotsam & Jetsam from Little Mermaid.
5. More of the Festival of Fools scene from Hunchback, especially Djali & Frollo.
6. Muses from Hercules.
7. Elephant dancer from Fantasia.
8. Alice with Dinah from Alice in Wonderland.

Mind you, I also liked just about everything that the rest of the group listed so hopefully I'll be happy with what does come out.


Kushal Ruia said...

Villians like: Yzma, Shan Yu on horse with eagle, Frollo, Ratigan

Hercules: Muses, Fates,Gods!

Atlantis: Many cool characters need to be done but kick ass HELGA first!

Treasure Planet:Silver among others

Scenes: Stampede from Lion King (Signature series?),
Hellfire from Hunchback,
Marahooti's(Sp?)flight with Cody (rescuers down under).

Phew! thats a big list!
Happy holidays to all!:-)

Gurgi said...

OK Don - Here's my 2008 wish list:

Black Cauldron: GURGI (of course) and Taran (For 2009 want Horned King with Cauldron as Villains Series piece)

Nightmare Before Christmas: Vampires, Witches, Devil, Mummy Child, Guy with Ax in Head, Tree with Hanging Skeletons, Corpse Mother and SANDY CLAWS

Sleeping Beauty: King Hubert, King Stefan, Court Minstrel, and Samson

Hunchback of Notre Dame: FROLLO, Phoebus, Djali, Victor, Hugo, and Laverne

Fantasia: Bacchus & Jacchus, Pegasus Family

Pocahontas: John Smith and Gov. Ratcliffe

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The Weasels

POTC: Elizabeth Swann & Will Turner, and DAVEY JONES

Small World: GERMAN UMPAH BAND (trio - maybe make it a LE), Norway Skater, Arabia Magic Carpet, Zebra, Russian Boy, Hyena

Lonesome Ghosts: Mickey, Donald, Goofy & Ghosts

Finding Nemo: Mr Ray & Students

Cars: MATER and Lightning McQueen

Brother Bear: Tuke & Rutt

Hercules: PHIL

Live Action: Zorro

I'm sure there's more but I'll stop there!

Duckman said...

There have been a lot of great suggestions listed. If we're able to get everything on our wish lists, WDCC should be around for a long, long time!!

Merry Christmas to All and Welcome to new bloggers!

Koen said...

-Zebra Centaurettes
-Bacchus and Jacchus
-little faun with flute on colum
-More cupids (something like the love little helpers piece)

Beauty and the Beast:
-Belle Reading to the Beast in front of the fireplace
-Belle with Philipe in the snow (in her green dress)
-Belle nursing the beasts paw after he had rescued her

Lion King
-Pumba with the apple in his mout to go with Timon member piece

-John Smith to go with the LL Pocahontas
-John Smith and Pocahontas when their foreheads touch at the end of the song colors of the wind, just before they kiss
-John Smith and Pocahontas during the song If I never Knew You, when she is curled up against his chest
-Pocahontas shielding John Smith, since all the characters are there, it's an ideal starting point to make a scene with everyone in it.
-Ratclif on top of the mountain just after he planted the English Flag at the end of Mine Mine Mine
-Percy in Bath
-Pocahontas with Flit and Meeko in her Canoe

-Matchmaker woman, Mulan's mother and grandmother, holding the cage of crickee, to go with the current open edition Mulan


Frollo during the hellfire scene with a fireplace where a smokey Esmeralda appears and some demons


-Cinderella wearing her pink dress the mice made for her, when she swirls and says: 'do you like it? do you think it'll do?'
-The king

Lady and tramp

Jim dear and Darling to go with Lady and cradle

Little Mermaid

-Grimsby and Carlotta, from the dinner sequence, so we can have an Ariel in her pink gown
-Ariel coming out of the water wearing her sparkling dress


The Muses

Emperor's New Groove

-The dinner scene
-Kronk with Shoulder angel and devil
-Yzma on the throne with her big collar
-Pacha and his family

Treasure Planet
-Jim Hawkins

-The King
-Kida ascending to the cristal
-Mrs Packard


Haven't seen the movie yet (it opens tomorrow in Belgium) but i want pieces from this movie

Lilo and Stitch

-Lilo and Nanni in the hammock
-Lilo, Nanni and Stitch on a surfboard, with a wave around it, like they did crush and squirt


-Jasmine in her red slave dress

Sleeping Beauty

-The queen hugging Aurora at the end of the movie, with the king and king hubert.