Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mickey's Orphans: A Black & White Holiday Release!

It's Christmas and Mickey and Minnie are singing carols. Someone drops a basket on the doorstep that has what seems like hundreds of kittens; they quickly overrun the house.

Mickey dresses as Santa, with Pluto as a reindeer, and brings gifts for the kittens. The kittens form a marching band, using kitchen implements; other kittens take saws, hammers, and other tools to the furniture. A kitten uses his toy steam shovel to drop a hot coal down Mickey's pants; two more come up with a toy fire engine. Mickey unveils the tree; the kittens swarm over it and strip it bare. Not your typical warm, fuzzy Christmas story .. LOL!

Mickey's Ophans was released on December 09, 1931 and an Academy Award nominee, Best Short Subject (cartoon) in 1932.

Walt Disney Classics Collection released a 3-piece boxed set featuring Mickey, Minnie and their Christmas Tree in a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) sculpted by Dusty Horner. This three piece sculpture set is black and white, capturing the classic look and fun elegance of the original film which was never colorized. Ornaments come in a separate box so you can decorate the tree!

A backstamp error can be found on more than half of the initial production run. A Gold Circle backstamp was mistakenly applied to this matched, numbered, limited-edition set of 5,000. The certificate of authenticity also had this error. A running change was made in the remaining production to remove the Gold Circle logo from both the backstamp and the certificate. Packaged in special gold box vs. standard green box.

For those unfamiliar with Mickey's Orphans, I've included a short clip (courtesy of below:

Mickey's Orphan's is a Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Cartoon ©Disney


Herc said...

I love this set of sculptures. Love pulling this out each year.

Duckman said...

This is one of my favorite Christmas scenes and always look forward to putting on display each year.

Normally not a big fan of the black and white releases but in this case, can't imagine it done any other way. Great sculpts of both Mickey and Minnie and just LOVE the tree! Look forwarding to decorating it each year :)