Thursday, December 20, 2007

1st Quarter 2008 Update!

The 2008 1st Quarter presentation is now complete!

Just as I was finishing the presentation page, received all the plussing information for each of the new sculptures just announced plus the members-only releases!

Each presentation page has been updated where plussing information is applicable. Within the next week or so, be watching for another update that will include some additional angles plus the addition of the 2008 Calendar!

Merry Christmas!!


Herc said...

Love the logo for the first quarter. The colors and Pete's Dragon are fantastic. Then I see the best logo for the calendars with the Queen of Hearts. Love them both.

Great presentation on the entire first quarter. I like the idea of a lot of MMC pieces are time-limited and not NLE.

There is discussion on the board that there are two Clarabelle's, one in a blue outfit and one in a pink outfit or pompoms. Wonder if they would pull another pink/blue on us? That would be great.

Duckman said...

Thanks Jeff! The Queen of Hearts is my FAVORITE also of all the Calendar logos. Amanda is getting very good at those. That's the next thing I want to learn how to do. One of my goals for 2008!

I like the idea of them doing Clarabelle in both blue and pink. Would that be considered repeating? LOL!

Herc said...

Not when you consider that both are in the opening sequence. I consider it like Aurora's dress. It's not a repeat as both colors were in the movie.

Duckman said...

Was actually being sarcastic. Me bad :)

Seriously, do agree since both colors are in the opening sequence, it would be cool to see both versions done.

Behr said...

I think both would be great and wouldn't be surprised to see both.