Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Trick ... or Treat?"

Halloween is getting nearer, just a mere 10 days away! One favorite scene I look forward to unpacking is from Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

Walt Disney Classics Collection captured a memorable moment in the closing song montage with the July, 2005 release of Vampire Stitch and Witch Lilo. Toothy Stitch ("Trick...") is both sweet and scary costumed as a vampire and little Lilo ("...Treat") is adorable dressed as a witch. This Open Edition release (each sold separately) was sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.

Together, the galaxy's most mischievous alien and his lovable Hawaiian friend scare up some spooky Halloween fun. Bringing their own unique sense of festivity to Halloween, they prove a family sticks together no matter how scary things can get.

Pairing this unpredictable alien with his eccentric young owner, you may never be sure where the trick ends and the treat begins!


Koen said...

allthough i've got all Lilo and Stitch pieces uptil now, this is my very favourite. They are both so cute.

Matthew said...

I'll probably get flamed for this, but there are several scenes in the closing credits that I'd like to see pieces from...

Michael J. Ruocco said...

I think that's perfectly alright, Matt. I think they would make great scenes, too.

Babette said...

Hi Matthew, I think your idea is a great one. Those ending scenes of the movie do have much to offer for future pieces.

The Halloween set is very cute, Patrick did a nice job sculpting these. Looking forward to more pieces from the movie. Definitely want pieces from Lilo's hula class including Stitch in a hula skirt! Stitch in a hula skirt would make a great membership piece with Lilo and her friends as companion pieces.

Kushal Ruia said...

hey Don,
any updates on when can we expect announcement of the members only pieces etc for 2008?

Duckman said...

Like you Koen, these are my favorite releases thus far from this film.

As Matthew pointed out, there are some other great moments from the closing montage that would be great releases as well. You bring up a good point Matthew, so going to open up for discussion at the Duckburg Internet Cafe.

Lilo and Stitch in hula attire is a favorite of mine as well Michelle. I really like your suggestion. If not for a member gift offering, at least considered for a future scene release.

Jorge said...

If we got Stitch in a Hula skirt that would be the second character in a hula skirt. Are there anymore form other shorts or films that we could add to the Hula skirt series?

Babette said...

Correction Jorge, that would be the third, don't forget it all started with a Timon! ;)