Monday, October 15, 2007

More Details on the Upcoming Sixth Release in the POC Series!

During the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort, collectors were given a sneak peek of fall and winter releases from Walt Disney Classics Collection displayed at the Art of Disney Gallery located in the Downtown Disney® Marketplace from Tuesday, May 22nd thru Monday, May 28th. One of those sneak peeks was the upcoming sixth release in the Pirates of the Caribbean Series:

Jail Scene with Dog: "Here, Give Us the Keys ya, Scrawny Little Beast!"
Type of Release: Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750
Size: 12" (height) x 13-3/4" (base footprint) x 8" (depth) - This is the base footprint dimension which is measuring the outline around the base. The actual total width of the piece is a wider (closer to 17 1/2" wide) because of the overhang of the beam on top over the edge of the base on one side and the overhang of the dog's tail over the edge on the other side of the base.
SRP: $599.00 US
Release Date: Winter 2008 (Actual release date has not been confirmed)
Concept by Ruben Procopio and Sculpted by Tim Bruckner

The above collage was created from photos taken by fellow collector and friend, Michelle (aka Babette) of the prototype available in May during the sneak peek at the Art of Disney Gallery located in Downtown Disney® Marketplace. The May prototype was pretty early in development. A number of revisions have been incorporated since that early prototype. A more recent prototype was available for preview this past weekend during the Pirates of the Caribbean Series Sculpture Release & Signing held at Disneyland® Park with Ruben Procopio.

An official announcement with more current images (including rear detail views) will be made in the near future. I know many have been wondering the edition size and pricing and this blog entry is solely to present that information. I for one am looking forward to the official photos!


Jason S. said...

Thanks for the additional info, Don. I'm one of those who has been waiting to hear the details. Not surprised by the cost at all, given the size and complexity of this release. Was more worried about it being limited as I am sure this will be one of the most popular in the series, but at least it is 750 vs 500.

Look forward to seeing what the revised piece looks like as I thought the earlier shown prototype was darn good looking.

burg142 said...

Why are they calling this the sixth release when it is really 7 to the series?

Duckman said...

You're welcome Jason.

Given the size and detail of the sculpt, I was thinking the cost was going to be higher. 750 is a good edition size. Given NLE's don't sell out quickly, should give most everyone interested, an opportunity to purchase one.

Matthew said...

This is one spectacular looking piece, and a fitting end to the Pirates series.

Duckman said...


The information I received, the Pirate of the Caribbean Series consists of six releases plus a "special limited edition release".

When the series was initially planned, it was to be only a six-piece series. Walt Disney Special Events commissioned the Pirate on Cannon as a special limited edition made available as a Wish List Request. The Pirate on Cannon due to this was released prior to the original planned final release in the series.

Technically the Pirate on the Cannon Scene appears in the Disneyland® Park Attraction after the Jailhouse Scene, towards the end of the attraction in the Arsenal Vignette.

Based on that, the Jailhouse Scene even though called the sixth release (and final) in the series, it is the seventh in the attraction sequence and seventh as far as how they were released.

Not sure if the above fully answered your question.

Jorge said...

the pirate on cannon is going to be a great piece and I am really looking forward to it. It is huge!