Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pirate on Cannon Update!

Registered guests of the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon had first opportunity to make Wish List requests for Pirate on the Cannon (Mr. Coote): "Peligro, Explosivos!"

This arsenal scene with the Pirate on Cannon (Mr. Coote) appears at Disneyland® Park and some other Pirates of the Caribbean attractions at other Disney Theme Parks around the world, but not at WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort.

The Pirate on Cannon (9 ½" Height x 13" Length x 8" Base Width) with a SRP of $350.00 US is sculpted by Ruben Procopio. The Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) sculpture will have a Special Backstamp, the Pirates Skull with Crossed Swords Logo on the entire edition size of 500. The 7 Seas Lagoon Event Logo does not appear on this sculpture backstamp.

There is a Special Signing planned at Disneyland® Park:

Walt Disney Classics Collection - Pirates of the Caribbean Series Sculpture Release & Signing

Special Guest: Ruben Procopio
Date: Saturday, October 13, 2007
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Location: Disneyana Shop located on Main Street, U.S.A., Disneyland® Park

Special Note: originally had the Pirate on Canon listed as an Open Edition release. This was an error and has been corrected.


Jason S. said...

Thanks for the update on Mr. Coote, Don. Glad to see he'll sport the special Pirates backstamp as well.

Since he is being advertised as part of the signing event, I'd assume the wish list conventioneers did not cover the total allotment of 500; otherwise, I imagine there will be some disappointed and upset people standing in line if they go in and find out that none are available to purchase.

I also see that on the main Disney Gallery page for the entire Pirates series that the pieces are also said to be available on October 13th at WDW. So, once again I'm assuming a portion of Mr. Coote will be made available there as well albeit it without a signing opportunity; otherwise, there'll be more disappointed and upset people at WDW as well.

I know I'm making a few assumptions here, but I'm basing them on the information presented so far. I just hope in the end that all the collectors that want one can acquire one at one of the two parks without too much trouble. As I recall during the release of the NBC Jack in sleigh (also a 500 piece edition), his allotment was split between the two parks even though the signing event was held at DL.

Duckman said...

Given the initial information on has not been 100% correct and Enesco is working with them on correcting this information, I think best to try and patiently wait vs. making assumptions based on the information currently available.

I am working closely with both parties and will post an update once all is finalized.

Jason S. said...

Thanks. Trying to be patient, but with the event just over a week away, it's getting down to the wire and anxious to know the true availability of this release. Appreciate your efforts on helping to organize the information.

Duckman said...

Hi All,

To those who put their name on the Wish List for the Pirate on Cannon piece, just received an email from Mike who was unable to post but wanted me to pass along the following important information:

For those people who placed their name on the wish list during the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon event, Disney is now calling those people to see if they still want the piece, however their dealine is Wednesday. Any pieces left over will be sold to the public. I just received my phone call 10 minutes ago.

Thanks Mike!

Jason S. said...

Thanks Mike and Don for the news on the wish list for the Pirate on Cannon piece.