Saturday, October 13, 2007

Do Collectors Want More from Finding Nemo? You Bet We Do!

Walt Disney Classics Collection has released some great sculptures from Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo. To date, it's the only Disney/Pixar film that I have represented in my collection.

Finding Nemo made it's WDCC debut in November, 2003 in an Open Edition scene release, sculpted by Chris Peterson that included Nemo, Marlin (his father), Dory, a Coral Reef Base and Opening Title. All were retired (except for the Opening Title) on August 14, 2007.

The scene proved so popular, the Tank Gang Scene (consisting of Bubbles, Bloat and Gill) was released in December, 2005. The following month, the Walt Disney Collectors Society added to the scene with the release of Nemo & Gurgle (2006 Members Only release).

This was only wetting our appetite and collectors wanted even more from this film! May 2006 saw the first Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) from this film. Crush & Squirt made their debut in a NLE of 1,500. Third Quarter 2006 the Tank Gang Scene was expanded with the release of Jacques and the Tiki Hut and Tiki Heads accessory items. The Tank Gang Scene and Crush & Squirt were all sculpted by Dusty Horner.

You may be wondering .. ok, this is a recap of the releases from Finding Nemo thus far, so why is Mr. Ray pictured? You may also ask, "who is Mr. Ray?" (the horrors if you don't know)

Mr. Ray is an eagle ray and Nemo's science teacher. Mr. Ray's teaching style involves impromptu oceangraphy songs and lessons to broaden the experience of the ocean through the eyes of a scientist. His class rides atop Mr. Ray as if an underwater magic carpet.

As the blog title asks, "do we want more from Finding Nemo?" After many discussions with fellow collectors, Mr. Ray is the one I keep hearing collectors would love to see released from this film. Since our last poll was very well received, I also set up a Mr. Ray Poll to correspond with this blog entry.


Matthew said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! Mr. Ray is a MUST! One of my favorite scenes in the movie is where Mr. Ray is taking Nemo and the class out on a field trip. "Let's go exploring!"

I'd love to see him done in a coral reef setting with a couple of miniatures of his students to provide scale (I'd definitely buy them if they had to be offered separately). This would show Mr. Ray at his best... helping his students learn about their beautiful home!

Can you tell I'd be super excited if they ever did Mr. Ray and his class? LOL

Matthew said...

By the way... thanks for starting this campaign! LOL

Duckman said...

LOL! Matthew! You immediately came to mind as I was making this blog entry and you're more than welcome.

Mr. Ray with his students could translate into an awesome piece. I like your suggestion and hope they would do as a stand alone sculpt doing Mr. Ray full size and his pupils as miniatures. JTDO.

Darcy said...

I agree with Matthew about Mr. Ray. Would love to see him big with miniature pupils. Count me in on purchasing him. He is my most favorite character from this movie. Perhaps he is my favorite, because I'm studying to become a Marine Biologist. I just took your poll Don & hope Mr. Ray too will be added to the Finding Nemo Collection. Thanks Don!

Behr said...

I would love Mr Ray but I'm so waiting for the last two pieces of the tank gang to complete that scene. Its a must!!!!

dugout said...

thanks Duckman, I'm definitely "on board" with the concept of a "Mr. Ray" figure to the collection. No rest for Dusty Horner on this series just yet. His work has been just amazing!

Speaking for myself I'd also love to see a "Bruce the Shark" figure. With the nature of the scale, the production on such a piece is difficult to imagine. I can only hope..thanks.

Duckman said...

Congratulations Darcy!

Support for Mr. Ray seems to be off to a strongstart!

The postings also confirm collectors want more from Finding Nemo! Great Suggestion Dugout! Every film needs a villain and Finding Nemo has a great one in Bruce the Shark! I too would love to see him done.

In agreement with you Behr, they definitely need to complete the Tank Gang Scene. Hopefully when Dusty sculpted the other pieces, he's done these as well and only a matter of time before they're released.

Behr said...

How could I forget Bruce the Shark actually all three sharks would be wonderful. Lets keep the Finding Nemo wishfuls coming!

Timon said...

I didn't think about making Tad, Pearl, Sheldon and Nemo as miniatures. I was thinking more along the lines of Mr. Ray being an elaborate base with the others "sitting" on him, similar to Benard and Bianca in the leaf base.

Any way it's done, I'd love to add this set to my current Nemo pieces!

Herc said...

I never thought of having a full size Mr. Ray with miniatures of all the little pupils. I was thinking more along the lines of Timon was talking about like Bernard and Bianca having holes where they fit. I also thought possibly that Mr. Ray and his pupils could make a wonderful signature series. It would be from the ending of the movie. A great scene, signature scene.

But seems that the regular size Mr. Ray and miniatures would be more cost effective.

cuatrecess said...

I'd love to see how "Mr. Ray" would be sculpted.

I don't have any "Finding Nemo" pieces, but they sure are awesome.


KingHubert said...

I wouldn't be interested in just having Mr Ray but if you included his pupils as well then you've got a very different idea. That would be one I would like to see.

Duckman said...

Hi Bob! Wanted to confirm, the concept I was proposing was Mr. Ray with his Pupils.

If anyone's vote on the poll was based on Mr. Ray only, please vote based on Mr. Ray with his Pupils. You do have the option to change your vote. :)

Thanks All!

Matthew said...

I think it's important to have at least a few of his pupils! That's when he's really standing out... when he's teaching his underlings.

I wouldn't mind if the pupils were made available to purchase separately, like the Three Little Pigs miniatures that were sold separately from their homes early in the Enchanted Places line.

Please, everyone, please vote for Mr. Ray and his students!! :-)

Duckman said...

Agree Matthew. You can't have Mr. Ray without his Pupils!

I know this is one campaign you've spirited for a long time! The results thus far are quite positive!