Saturday, October 6, 2007

Disney's Animated Classic, Hawaiian Holiday

Ironically, ten days after the 70th Anniversary of the animated short Hawaiian Holiday (Sept. 24, 1937), the Walt Disney Co. announced they will build a more than 800-room hotel and time share on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Many times walking thru the Polynesian Resort at WALT DISNEY WORLD®, I would see the hand-painted cel of Mickey and Minnie from this short hanging on the wall near the elevator and think, hmmm .. this would be a great short done in the Walt Disney Classics Collection. See, there eventually would be a tie-in from the announcement on Wednesday to WDCC :)

Hawaiian Holiday features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto, being one of those rare occassions when all of Disney’s Fab Five shared the screen in the same cartoon short. The gang is on vacation. The Mice have little to do with the plot but Donald's hula (Donald learns why you don't wear a grass skirt near a fire), Goofy's attempts at surfing (Goofy has some surfing problems) and Pluto's encounters with a starfish & crab (Pluto and a starfish have a tiff, followed by an encounter with a hermit crab) are very enjoyable.

In addition to the 1937 classic Mickey Mouse short, Disney previously featured the island paradise as the settings in a Goofy cartoon, Hello Aloha (1952) and Disney's Lilo & Stitch (2002). Theme park influences include the classic Enchanted Tiki Room Attraction and WALT DISNEY WORLD® Polynesian Resort.


Gregory said...

I love the Hawaiian Holiday short, the state of Hawaii and WDCC! So yeah.....I am waiting to buy these pieces if/when they are ever made.

Babette said...

Nice story about the short. Would love to see Donald doing the hula as an annual membership piece!!! That would be totally adorable and humorous!
Never been to Hawaii but I have been to the Tiki Room and the Polynesian. So if you ever want to pack me away in your suitcases when you visit DVC Hawaii, I'm there!

Duckman said...

Hey Greg-I think it would be great synergy for WDCC to release a scene from Hawaiian Holiday to coincide with the recent announcement. I like the fact it's a short that all the Fab Five were in (even if Daisy was omitted) plus the tropical theming.

Question: Do you what is the most popular It's a Small World sculpture is?

Answer: Tahiti

Duckman said...

Hey Babs-That would make an awesome membership piece but would definitely want them to flesh it out into a full scene.

Once the DVC is done in Hawaii, we're there! There will be plenty of room, so plan on coming!

Herc said...

Love this short. I see this cel every time we use the elevator at the Polynesian. Would love to have a sericel from this short. Did Disney ever come out with one? I wonder. I think this short would do well in the WDCC. I could also see scene completers of a grass hut or campfire. Would be very cute.