Saturday, April 27, 2013

New to the Blog: Disney/Pixar Cars Diecast!

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In addition to collecting the Walt Disney Classics Collection, since the release of Disney/Pixar Cars, I also collect diecast.  It harkens back to when younger, collecting Matchbox® cars with my brother. 

My collection is focused mainly on the diecast released by Mattel® but also includes some diecast done by the Disney Store®, Shake 'n Go's by Fisher Price®, Vinylmation® and metal signs through promotions done by State Farm Insurance®.

The photo at right is one of my favorite displays from my collection featuring the Motorama Girls (Sheila, Laverne & Rhonda) displayed with the Flo's V8 Cafe playset. The Motorama Girls from the Story Teller Collection were a very rare release, each done individually and sold as a set. These eluded many collectors. 

The difference in collecting diecast vs. the Walt Disney Classics Collection, diecast isn't always as easy to find upon release.  Some releases have been only released overseas, limited quantity per carton or only available by purchasing a case and the amount of variations can be mind boggling at times.  Am blessed with a great network of friends who have helped me feed this addiction.

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In international versions of Disney/Pixar Cars 2, the character Jeff Gorvette is replaced with race car drivers better known in the specific countries in his dialogue scenes (however, he still appears as a competitor). 

Mattel released versions of those characters as Ultimate Super Chase Cars .. Vitaly Petrov (Russia), Jan "Flash" Nilsson (Sweden), Long Ge (China), Memo Rojas, Jr. (Mexico) and Mark "Frosty" Winterbottom (all pictured at left).

These diecast were the hardest to come by. A lot of searching, eBay and the help of my good friend Matthew, made it possible to finally have all five represented in my collection.

From time to time I'll share more pictures of my collection and upcoming releases for Cars enthusiasts to look forward too!

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