Friday, April 12, 2013

Looking Back: Pumbaa & Timon

The Walt Disney Collectors Society introduced a new Members Only offering in 1999, a Scene Completer.  A scene was announced and one of the pieces within the scene was available to active Society Members only.

In 1999, a scene from The Lion King was released that included Simba ("Simba's Pride"), Nala ("Nala's Joy"), Rafiki ("The Circle Continues"), Zazu ("Major Domo"), an Opening Title and Pumbaa & Timon ("Double Trouble").  

Simba, Nala, Rafiki and the Opening Title were Open Edition releases, Zazu was Limited to Production Year 1999 and Pumbaa & Timon were available to active Society Members from 05/01/99 - 04/30/00.

Though a good film, The Lion King isn't one of my favorites and prefer Simba and Nala younger vs. adults, so initially passed on this scene at the time of its release.

My only representation from this film consisted of Mufasa & Simba (1995 Tribute Series release), Timon (1998 Membership Gift) and the Opening Title.  During the 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend a few weeks ago, I purchased the Watering Hole Scene (2003 Numbered Limited Edition set) consisting of Simba, Nala, Zazu and Watering Hole Base sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.  14 years later, the time had come to finally search out Pumbaa & Timon to compliment the Watering Hole Scene and have Pumbaa represented in my collection.

Pumbaa & Timon were sculpted by Kent Melton.  I hadn't seen this piece in person in years.  It's a really great sculpt that could easily stand on its own.  Love the pose chosen, the expression on Pumbaa's face and the detail in the Timon miniature.  Unfortunately for now, both the Watering Hole Scene and Pumbaa & Timon will remain in their Green Box Prison until we settle on a new curio that will allow us more display space to finally get my Lion King pieces on display.

In the meantime, the thrill of the hunt has been a lot of fun the past few weeks seeking out these older pieces we initially passed on.

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