Monday, May 21, 2012

This 'Proud Pooch' Joins UP with Carl & Russell!

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Loyal Dug eagerly serves the wealthy explorer Charles F. Muntz, and wants to show he belongs with the pack. Though Dug is not muscular and sharp-witted like the other dogs, he is sweet and devoted. 

In order to portray Dug as an authentically pet-like pooch, the filmmakers purposely infused him with enthusiastic emotion and lovable appeal, including a furry, rotund body, a wide mouth that always looks like he is grinning and an audible stream of enthusiastic consciousness (thanks to his high-tech collar). 

It’s only after Dug joins up with determined Carl and loving Russell that he realizes he’s been part of the wrong pack.

Joining the previously released sculpture of Carl and Russell this heartwarming Up sculpture depicts Dug’s exuberant eagerness right down to the tip of his tail.

'Proud Pooch' sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales is Limited to Production Year 2012.


Matthew said...


Herc said...

I'm in love with Dug. Squirrel...

Great addition to the first Up! piece. Carl and Russell finally have their companion.

Great job WDCC.

Now about making Carl's house with the balloons as a "Enchanted Places" type piece....I would love it!!

Justin Lopez said...

Another must have for me! I cannot wait to see him displayed with Carl and Russell. This movie was so visually stunning and the message was intense. Glad to see Enesco sees this movie's impact and continues to release great sculpts to immortalize these characters in our homes!