Monday, May 21, 2012

All Aboard for a 'Backyard Whistle Stop'!

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Chugging straight out of the classic cartoon, Out of Scale, engineer Donald takes pride in his scale-model choo-choo, even though his hobby becomes a train-wreck when he moves Chip and Dale’s full-size tree because it doesn’t fit in with the size of his miniature locomotive. 

In an episode of his television show, Walt Disney shared that not only he but also several of his key animators were model train enthusiasts.“With so many of us interested in model trains,”said Walt, “it wasn’t too much of a surprise when our story department came up with a cartoon idea about this hobby,” and Out of Scale was the charming result. 

Now this intricately detailed sculpture commemorates this unforgettable cartoon, Disney favorite Donald Duck and also Walt Disney’s love of trains.

'Backyard Whistle Stop' is Limited to Production Year 2012.


Matthew said...

I just love this piece!

My addiction to the Disney company began early in my life and I remember so fondly reading about Walt and the others on staff that were train enthusiasts.

I also will never forget all the classic photos of Walt and his backyard train and the trains at Disneyland.

This piece so perfectly evokes those fond feelings for the "Walt Days" that I will treasure this piece as a memory of that.

Herc said...

Matthew, I feel the same way. I just look at this and think of Walt sitting on his Carolwood train in his backyard, having just seen it at the Walt Disney Family Museum.
My son, Matthew, also loves trains as well as anything Pixar Cars related. He is going to love this one.
This just screams nostalgia to me.

Justin Lopez said...

This sculpture is growing on me as the days go on. I love the length factor of the sculpture. I would love to display this on a shelf in front of a Disney print with trains in it some way. I am very interested in additional angles of the sculpture.