Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let The Force Be With You

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On Friday,  from the creative “Forces” at Disney Parks, Lucasfilm, and Walt Disney Classics Collection, they announced the upcoming release of Donald Duck as Darth Maul during Star Wars™ Weekends.  Donald is the 2nd release in the Star Wars Series joining Jedi Mickey (pictured above), an Open Edition release, released in September 2010.

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The ArtOfDisneyParks.com hasn't updated their site with additional information as of yet on the release of Darth Maul Donald but in the meantime, created an image depicting the two sculptures together for your viewing pleasure.

Using the same principles applied to classic Disney animation and hand-crafted of kiln-fired porcelain with accents of metallic paint on the lightsaber handles. Jedi Mickey stands 6 ¼” tall and has a SRP of $125.00 US. Darth Maul Donald stands 5  ¼” tall with a SRP of $150.00 US. Both include a Disney Certificate of Authenticity.


Matthew said...

The two pieces look terrific together... an epic battle between Mouse and Duck! LOL

Thanks for doing this!

Duckman said...

Thanks Matthew! You're Welcome!

They do look great together. Tonight put together another image of the two sculptures together from different angles.

Timon said...

Funny how seeing the two pieces together makes it such an easy sell. I still think the price point is so reasonable.

Of course now I'll start campaigning to see Minnie as both Queen Amidala (to tie into this scene), but also as Princess Leia, because I just love seeing her like that.

I'm hoping we'll see pieces from both trilogies.