Monday, May 21, 2012

Robin & Maid Marion Honored with Retirement!

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Today the Walt Disney Classics Collection honored Robin and Maid Marian with retirement! From one of the least portrayed weddings in all of Disney animation, a dashing Robin Hood and the lovely Maid Marian walk arm-in-arm after having tied the knot.

'Merry Matrimony' an open edition release sculpted by Bruce Lau was released in May, 2009 with Toby Turtle and Skippy Rabbit (both Limited to Production Year 2009).  They were later joined by Friar Tuck (sculpted by Bruce Lau) and Allan-A-Dale (sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales) released in Spring 2011, both Limited to Production Year 2011.

Friar Tuck, Allan-A-Dale and the Opening Title are all On Alert. Please contact your authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection dealer for availability before they all head back to Sherwood Forest and will be gone forever!


Justin Lopez said...

OH NO! I am assuming this means no Lady Cluck or the King or even a possible Sir Hiss/Prince John in their jail outfits. Well, I am glad to say I have the whole scene... I just wish they tried more appealing characters than Alan-A-Dale in the beginning to allow for this scene to pick up some fans (buyers).

Herc said...

Love this scene. Hopefully more characters can be added.