Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review: Carousel Sweethearts

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How many have passed on a release to end up going back later and add to your collection?  Over the past couple years have found myself doing that.  

In 2010, I added pieces from Fantasia I had initially passed on when released (the Three Mushrooms, Pink & Blue Centaurette and Cupids on Column).  In 2011 I finally had Hercules represented in my collection (added bronze Gallery Edition Hercules & Pegasus and Tribute Series Hercules). This year, "Carousel Sweethearts" from The Brave Little Tailor.

"Carousel Sweethearts" features Mickey and Minnie from the 1938 animated short.  The Numbered Limited Edition set of 1,000, sculpted by Bruce was the 2006 Gold Circle Exclusive released in April, 2006. 

The Walt Disney Classics Collection has done a great job on other horses from the various films (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Melody TimeThe Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Hercules and Mulan) capturing the features and attributes of a real horse from 2D animation into 3D.  

I'm a fan also of when a sculpture captures that sense of movement.  When you compare the two horses, Mickey's horse captures the mood and spirit of Mickey.  You can picture Mickey rocking back and forth on the horse as we've all done, trying to beat the other horses in your row on a carousel by the time the ride ends.  Whereas Minnie's horse (sitting side saddle as any princess would), captures her demeanor and is going at a nice and slow, steady pace.

Like the vibrancy of the set and the flexibility in displaying them. The scale is smaller compared to the Animator Choice versions of Tailor Mickey and Princess Minnie released previously.  

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Matthew said...

Thanks for this review, Don.
As always I love the additional photos.

This set has been on my list to pick up for a long time. It's truly great and I hope that I can add it to my collection soon!

Duckman said...

You're Welcome Matthew! It's such a great set, can't believe I passed on it when originally released.

The set has a lot of detail and find myself still studying them since they arrived.