Sunday, March 31, 2013

Looking Back: Cinderella's Dress Mannequin & Cinderella's Dress

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Since last fall, I've been focusing on going back, picking up pieces that I passed on over the years that would compliment and/or complete existing scenes in our collection.

One piece I added this past wee was the Dress Mannequin from Cinderella. Sculpted by Chris Peterson, the Dress Mannequin was released in February, 2005 (in honor of Cinderella's 55th Anniversary) and retired in March, 2009.

The Dress Mannequin was part of scene release that consisted of Cinderella ("Oh, Thank You So Much!"), Lucifer ("Catnap Interrupted") and Mice in Basket ("Surprise!").

The stand is made of brass and includes Cinderella's Sewing Book as part of the sculpture.

The Dress Mannequin makes a nice backdrop for Cinderella's Dress.  Cinderella's Dress was part of the 1st releases of the Walt Disney Classics Collection in October, 1992.

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To many, Cinderella's Dress is the pinnacle of any WDCC collection. 

Cinderella's Dress ("A Lovely Dress for Cinderelly") was a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 5,000 that consisted of Cinderella's Dress, separate Floor Base and Jaq Miniature.  

Each sculpture came with a stained wood base and glass dome for display purposes. For these photos, I removed the sculpture from the wooden base and glass dome to fully see the detail in the sculpture.

No sculptor credit has been given for this sculpture though Robert Olszewski's name has been associated with the miniatures (Gus, Jaq, Suzy and the Birds).

Each miniature is hand-painted bronze (made in the USA) and then placed on the piece.  The mouse tails are solid brass wire, hand-shaped, fitted and soldered to the bronze body before painting.  Jaq and Sewing Shoe is a separate piece but numbered to match the Dress.  Tiny metal scissors dangle from a spool of real pink thread draped over the dressmaker form.

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