Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gallery of the Lakes WDCC 20th Anniv. Reunion Weekend!

This coming weekend, Gallery of the Lakes will be hosting a 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend of the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

Gallery of the Lakes
Walt Disney Classics Collection Weekend

Celebrating 20 Years!
March 16-17, 2013

Special Guests

Patrick Romandy-Simmons
Master Sculptor
Traci Thomas
Former WDCC Brand Manager

The Celebratory Reunion Event is one of the last get-togethers and signings by the seamless work of The Disney Company and Enesco, LLC (1992-2012) which used the same creative team and sculptors during those years.

Take your cue from Cruella and contact the Gallery Staff at (800) 692-3087 today for more details!

Updated Gallery of the Lakes Walt Disney Classics Inventory Listing

Patrick Romandy-Simmons Sculptor Listing


jmbunkyjr said...

That's a great pic Don. I started laughing as soon as I saw it!

I can't wait for this weekend. It will be nice to see everyone maybe one last time. Hopefully not, but who knows. It's been a great time over the years. I remember back now more than 10 years ago calling the Gallery from work for the first time. It was so comfortable to talk with Elaine vs the other place we were at in NYC the week before. Kristen and I went up to meet them that weekend and we never left. This was home. A place we loved to visit and a place that was so great to do business with. They treated up like family. Took all my mom's crazy Christmas calls to find us stuff and made sure Kristen and I always had a huge green box Christmas. So many many more memories of friend's we met from years gone by. I remember meeting you, Don, at my first signing. I was had been talking with you for weeks about the collection but didn't even realize you were going to be there. Then at the next event I met everyone else. . . Michelle, Carl, John, Bob, Toni, Virginia, and Jeff. I'm sorry if I missed anyone. The years went on and we all still stayed in contact. That's what made it special for Kristen and I. I know I always say this but it's the friends that we have met along the way that made us want to keep "falling down the rabbit hole of WDCC". Not that's a bad thing! :) Oh I can go on and on. . . but I'll see everyone this weekend!

The one regret I have is not trying harder to go to the conventions. I took it for granted that they would always be around. I wish I had tried harder, but oh well!


Matthew said...

Sure wish I could join you all!

Duckman said...

Hey Jimi,

That's still one of my favorite Donald Duck releases :)

A lot of great memories and friendships tied to this collection. I recall our 1st meeting and the great friendship that grew from it. It will be great getting together with the gang this weekend, reminiscing over the collection and all the great memories tied to it.

I see a lot of laughs, tears and hugs!

Hey Matthew,

I am so sorry that you will not be able to join us. Our WDCC Family won't be complete without you :(

Mary said...

You will be missed Matthew! :(
I know this will be a fun, yet bittersweet, weekend for all of us attending. In looking back, I realized that I actually met Jimi & Kristen, Bob & Toni and Greg while we were on vacations in Florida...and the rest of the gang at the Gallery. There were a few years that I wasn't able to get away to the events, but what a blessing that we all became a part of each others lives. Once again...trying to look at the positive...I will always be grateful for the friendships and fun times with our Disney family!