Monday, March 11, 2013

Update on Precious Moments WDCC Launch

Update: If you're looking for the images posted in yesterday's blog entry, they've been removed per the following:

"I need to ask you to pull the PMI WDCC pages from your website.  They are reference only pages and have not been approved by Disney.  They were used in an internal presentation to our sales force to prepare them for the upcoming launch but Disney has us working on some last minute revisions to both the product and the pages.  Therefore they are not an accurate representation of what the final product will be."


Brian Raupp said...

It atleast is a ray of hope. I don't see how Disney would let this collection go so far down hill. I hope this wasn't just a money decision.

I would rather see the collection end.

Babette said...

Interesting development.....
I hope PM just retracts all those pieces.

If they want to do the WDCC line any justice, consult w/ the sculptors, mold makers and painters who have made amazing pieces over the past years, produce product in keeping with the legacy of the line, take your time (even if that takes another year) and make them right!!!

Navyne said...

Sorry I missed the pictures. However, the retraction does give one hope for better things

Duckman said...


Agree! Asking for the images to be removed, hopefully they're addressing the situation. Hopefully its not about the money as it should be about the artistry.

This was a line that was supported by Roy E. Disney, something I'm sure Walt would have approved. No other line has ever accomplished in bringing 2D to 3D like the Walt Disney Classics Collection, so quite sad after such a banner year in 2012, to move forward in this way.


Agree Babs! I too hope they scrap the whole assortment, go back to the drawing board. I would have no problem if they took a year off or whatever needed to move forward with the artistry and integrity that you associate with this line.

Something I noticed that I want to point out, for those who saw the PMI catalog sheets, was the sizing of the sculptures. Snow White and Cinderella were only 6" tall and Belle was 6-1/4" which is much smaller in size than what the Princesses have typically been sculpted (typically 8" - 8/3/4").

The sizing of these is comparable to the 2nd Cinderella Wedding Topper that was released. Even if the quality was up to par, these would not work size wise into your current collection.

Sergio Bardon said...

Strange. They had put prices, and sizes and everything. How different could they finally be? In order to respect WDCC spirit they would have to start them anew.

I never thought I could finally see this precious line become something like this. So sad.

Duckman said...


I too wonder what changes will be made. If they go with the present line-up, they are going to have to go with pricing, sizing that has been released.

Personally, I'd rather see them scrap it all, start a new, even if it takes longer for product to come to market and if they cannot match the integrity and quality of the line, bite the bullet, retire and/or suspend the line.

jmbunkyjr said...

LOL I just noticed this entry Don! Now conversations are making more sense! lol

"last minute revisions" ? Oh I know getting rid of the glitter and adding swarovski crystals.

Sorry I had to. . .