Sunday, March 31, 2013

Enesco Announces Two Additional Sell-Throughs!

Enesco announced the recent sell-throughs on the following pieces from the Walt Disney Classics Collection:

Mulan - Matchmaker Mulan was an Open Edition release, released in September 2007.  

"Perfectly Poised" retired December 2012 was sculpted by Margi Wray.  Mulan is plussed with a pewter right hand & fan and left earring.  Many wondered if part of the Leading Ladies Series at the time of her release but it was confirmed she was not.

Opening Title - The Opening Title from Dumbo was released in September 2003 and suspended in December 2012.

The Opening Title features artwork from the opening credits of each film and/or animated short.

Please contact your Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection Retailer for availability.

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