Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Green Fairies Make Their Debut!

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In creating the “Nutcracker Suite” sequence for Fantasia, Walt Disney told his filmmakers, “It should be something beautiful and something fantastic”, adding that he wanted a “a will-o’- the-wisp feeling.” 

In response, the Disney artists created exceptionally elaborate animation cels to attain the fanciful feeling the master storyteller sought, and this new sculpture perfectly captures that ethereal spirit. 

Portraying the garden-fresh Summer Fairies, who charmingly awaken to celebrate the full flowering of Summer, this exquisitely sculpted piece conveys all the loveliness of nature and the magic of these sweet sprites. 

Plussed with three bronze fairies, this enchanting sculpture reflects the delicate artistry of Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece. This latest Fantasia sculpture is indeed something beautiful, something fantastic, and perfectly complements the Walt Disney Classics Collection’s other entrancing Fantasia Fairy sculptures.

Special Note: This is the first time the green Summer Fairies have been depicted.  Previous releases included the Milkweeds, Yellow, Pink, and Blue, sometimes different sculptures/ornaments with the same colored fairies in a slightly different moment, but never the green.

'Summer's Twilight, Autumn's Dawn' sculpted by Kent Melton is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 and features the 20th Anniversary Backstamp.


Matthew said...

Thanks so much to Kent and the WDCC for another wonderful Fantasia piece.

This will look so good with the rest of the series... I love the design with the 3 fairies... the poses, particularly the one in the back, are terrific. The coloring on the leaves is a lovely foreshadowing of the change in the seasons.

Please keep the Fantasia pieces coming! (Can't help but keep campaigning... I'm still wishing for a Snowflake Fairy, Arabian Fish, and Russian Dancers!)

Timon said...

Ditto on what Matthew says! I agree with every word.

First, thanks to Kent and the team for yet another fantastic Fantasia piece that's perfectly executed.

Next, please (PLEASE!) continue with more Fantasia pieces. The pieces from Fantasia sum up the essence of WDCC: bringing art to life. The can be said for Fantasia. It's a blend of the arts, and that's what this line represents. Great job and thanks everyone!!!!

Duckman said...

Kent has done it again, hitting another home run!

Being a fan of the Autumn Fairy release, see this as a nice companion piece, summer going into fall.

Love the coloring of the leaves, seeing the summer's green starting to give way to fall's golden colors. Matthew, you described this transition perfectly!

I'm with Matthew & Tim, keep the Fantasia pieces coming. Would love to see them tackle the Snowflake Fairy next.

Timon said...

And adding to Matthew and Don's wishlist, I'm still "bucking" for Centaurs to go with the Centaurettes.

Duckman said...

We definitely could use a Centaur (or two) for those 2 Centaurettes that have been primping and waiting for 20 years now!

When Bacchus & Jacchus were released, was hoping (and still campaigning) for the Nubian Centaurettes to be released and though she may not be deemed politically correct still would love to see Sunflower done!

I think between Matthew, you and I, we can keep new Fantasia pieces coming for a few more years :)

Timon said...

Let's do it! And I agree that we'll probably never see the Nubian Centaurettes. But they are pretty characters. I know it would be hard to do, but I'd love to see something from "Ave Maria".

Duckman said...

Good Suggestion Tim! I recall when the recent Chernabog was released, some of us talking at that time of them doing the Monks.

Herc said...

Wow, I cannot believe how beautiful this piece is. Love the green fairies. Please keep these Fantasia pieces coming. What a great series of Fantasia Fairies. I agree with Matthew and please add Snowflake Fairy, Arabian Fish, and Russian Dancers, and the centaurs. Truly this is what this collection is all about, the beautiful, intrictly designed sculptures that have a wow factor. Keep them coming.