Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Latest Release in 'Mickey's Christmas Carol Series'

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Though he naturally excels at portraying the stingy and self-centered side of that notorious skinflint Ebenezer Scrooge, Scrooge McDuck also deftly performs the holiday spirited side of Charles Dickens’ most famous character.

This yuletide transformation is merrily manifested when Scrooge (still attired in his nightgown and fuzzy slippers) pays a Christmas morning visit to the humble home of the Cratchit family, heartwarmingly accepting a hug from Tiny Tim after handing out some holiday goodies. 

Embodying the joy of the season as seen in Disney’s Academy Award® nominated animated featurette Mickey’s Christmas Carolboth reformed miser and teddy bear-clasping mouse (played by one of Mickey’s twin nephews) radiate the heart, humanity and good will of Christmas all year round.

'Tidings of Joy and Goodwill' (latest release in the Mickey's Christmas Carol Series) was sculpted by Bruce Lau and Limited to Production Year 2012.


Matthew said...

Great piece! I hope this isn't the end for the Mickey's Christmas Carol series... there are so many more pieces to do...
... like Fezziwig's party...
... and Willie the Giant as the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Duckman said...

I second your sentiments Matthew! Definitely want to see more releases from this classic holiday film!

I stand beside you with campaigns for Fezziwig's Party (a chance to get another Mr. Toad) and Willie the Giant.

With the release of this piece, I'd also like to see the rest of the Cratchit Family added and their Christmas Tree. The Christmas Trees that WDCC has released over the years have always been holiday favorites and given the simpleness of this tree, I think would look awesome and a great backdrop.

::hint hint WDCC::

Herc said...

Wow completely agree with you Don. would love to complete this scene and add another Christmas tree to the WDCC collection. Fezziwig's Party would be perfect, but WDCC has really gone wonderfully crazy in these MCC pieces. Just the fact that they put Scrooge on the outside of a window looking in at Daisy's character, really shows the creativity of the line.

I too would love to get both Pete and Willie as the ghosts, but know that Willie is probably too large and we have alot of Petes in the collection. Minnie as Mrs. Crachett has not been represented yet and she is a definite for this series. Completing this final scene would be perfect.
Cheers WDCC!!

city said...

thanks for posting.

Duckman said...


You're Welcome!


Agree 100% on how creative the line has been, Scrooge outside the Window looking in on Fezziwig's Party being a prime example.

I wonder too if we'd see Willie and Pete, for those same reasons.

I would truly love to see them add the rest of the Cratchit Family, the Cratchit Family Christmas Tree and of course, Mr. Toad as Fezziwig himself. All would help flesh out the rest of the story plus build on existing scenes.