Sunday, August 19, 2012

Revisiting Fantasia!

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With the announcement this past week of the latest release from Fantasia, the Summer Fairies, it's sparked conversation on other releases from this classic film that collectors would like to see in the future.

Suggestions have ranged from the Snowflake Fairies, Arabian Fish and Russian Dancers to Centaurs (to compliment the previously released Pink & Blue Centaurettes) and Centaurettes (specifically the Nubian Centaurettes) to compliment the previously released Bacchus & Jacchus.  

This discussion prompted me to think of some of the more recent releases from this classic film.
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Lily of the Valley Fairy

Even when still, as in this sculpted portrayal of the Lily of the Valley Fairy, the dainty sprite conveys a spirit of motion. The fantastical Fairy motif is one of the most fanciful of the many entrancing elements that make up “The Nutcracker Suite” for, while many of the characters are nature’s own flora and fauna, the gossamer fairies are beings of pure fantasy. 

Richly plussed with bronze details including the flower stem and the glistening Fairy herself, this exquisite sculpture embodies all the enchantment of Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece and makes the ideal complement for the other dazzling Fantasia Fairy pieces from the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

"The Gentle Glow of a Luminous Lily" sculpted by Kent Melton is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500.
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Bacchus & Jacchus

A highlight of Walt Disney’s animated masterwork, “The Pastoral Symphony” really picks up when Bacchus, the roly-poly god of wine and revelry, totters onto the scene. Both he and his unicorn-like donkey, Jacchus, are a bit tipsy, but they know how to liven up an Olympian party. 

Plussed with pewter, this sculpture conveys all the festive fun of these unique and rarely portrayed characters.

"Braying Bacchanalia" sculpted by Kent Melton is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750.

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Pegasus Family

Walt Disney’s masterpiece Fantasia is a universe of animated treasures, including the celebrated segment that beautifully animates “The Pastoral Symphony.” 

Soaring serenely over the Olympian landscape is a majestic mother Pegasus who, once settled, tends to her multicolored babies in an elegant nest.

The Pegasus Family ("Mythic Menagerie"), sculpted by Kent Melton is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500.

All three sculptures are currently available.  Please contact your Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection Dealer for availability.

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Matthew said...

OK, I'll say up front that I'm biased... Fantasia is one of my top favorite "Walt" movies... But I have to say that these WDCC Fantasia pieces are some of the best of the line, and are treasured in my collection. Timon said elsewhere, and I agree wholeheartedly, these pieces really represent the beauty and artistry of the line.
I hope that many more years of Fantasia pieces are on their way!