Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Celebrating 75 Years!!

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsthe Walt Disney Classics Collection presents the princess who started it all in the arms of her gallant Prince. 

Walt saw this loyal royal as an essential element of the timeless fairy tale. “I thought it was a perfect story,” said Walt. “I had the sympathetic Dwarfs… I had the heavy; I had the prince and the girl, the romance. I just thought it was a perfect story.” 

The “heavy” is, of course, the Evil Queen, but the Prince’s true love is more powerful than her wickedness, for it is his kiss that awakens Snow White from her spellbound sleep. 

Plussed with pewter legs and sword, this princely sculpture handsomely mirrors the glorious happy-everafter of Walt’s first—and most enduring and endearing—animated feature.

'Fairytale Ending' sculpted by Dusty Horner is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 and features the 20th Anniversary Backstamp.


Matthew said...

A beautiful piece to celebrate the 75th anniversary. Another great job by Dusty!

Snow White Archive said...

I was glad to hear this news. It wouldn't have felt quite right if WDCC missed out on a 75th anniversary piece. Woo-hooo! :)

Timon said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I just LOVE this piece! It's been ordered with my dealer, so I can't wait until next month! I love the Snow White Membership piece, "Won't You Smile For Me?" that Dusty sculpted, and this new piece rivals it.

I'm so happy with the two backstamps too. What a bonus!

Duckman said...

What a perfect piece to honor the 75th Anniversary of this classic film!

Dusty has done it again! It's a nice simple piece but there is that little sense of movement in the way the Prince has scooped her up in his arms and the flows/creases in her dress.

I too immediately placed this piece on order Tim. I currently plan to display this piece with Snow White, Prince & Horse set and the Enchanted Places Wishing Well.

This sculpt and the Summer Fairies were perfect choices to bear the 20th Anniversary backstamp.

Timon said...

Where's the "Like" button on this blog? :-) I may have to bring out the "A Kiss Brings Love Anew" piece out again and put that next to the "And Away to His Castle We'll Go..."
(Snow White) and "Forever, I Know..." (Prince)set. I may a whole curio for just Snow White and Fantasia pieces! (I'm totally okay with that!)

Duckman said...

What a great grouping that would make Tim! I don't have the "A Kiss Brings Love Anew" sculpt.

Over the years, WDCC has given us such great sculpts from this classic film.

Timon said...

And I'm "Happy" we continue to get great sculpts from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Timon said...

Okay folks at Disney. As I was doing my Saturday chores, I had an epiphany. You can turn this one Snow White piece into another gold mine (sorry about the pun). I think adding the Dwarfs celebrating would totally make a whole new scene out of just this one awesome piece! And by capturing this classic moment in Disney history sums up what WDCC is all about. So, what do you think? Should I start making room on my Snow White shelf??? :-)

Duckman said...

Hey Tim,

Sounds like the making of a great scene!

With this idea and our Fantasia and Mickey's Christmas Carol suggestions, we could keep the line going for another 3 years or more, don't you think?

Timon said...


Herc said...

All I can say about this new Snow White piece is wow. Bigger than I thought and really really well done. Dusty has done a fantastic job. I completely agree with Tim that it would be perfectly displayed in order of Kiss Brings Love Anew, this new one, and Snow white on horse with the prince. Having the castle in the clouds ornament on a riser from behind, this would be a beautiful movement of a scene.

Would LOVE the dwarfs to be added.