Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Very Cool Display .. Thanks Koen!

I want to thank Koen for sharing these photos of his recently purchased Fantasyland Base shown with the Dancing Princess Aurora & Prince Phillip and the Three Fairies (Flora, Fauna and Merryweather) from Sleeping Beauty.

The Dancing Couple, Aurora & Phillip were releases in April, 1998. This sculpture was done in two versions, blue and pink. I think this was done to keep both Flora and Merryweather happy :) The blue version was released as an Open Edition and the pink version was done in an edition size of 2,000. Also released were Flora, Fauna and Merryweather in April, 1998. The Three Fairies were retired in April 2002.

For more discussion on the two versions, please check out the blog entry Dancing Aurora & Phillip: Make Her Blue! from August, 2007.

The Fantasyland Base was made available during the "Celebration of Walt Disney Art Classics" Convention held at Walt Disney World from May 5-6, 2001. The Base is a resin arch that was made available for Convention Guests to display the three (3) Convention featured sculptures - Grumpy (in the Snow White ride), Timothy Mouse (in the Dumbo ride) and the Mad Hatter (in the Alice in Wonderland Teacup ride).

I personally like how Koen has used the arch and how nicely all four sculptures fit on it. The coloring of the floor compliments the Dancing Couple scupture very nicely.

Thanks Koen!


Herc said...

Love the idea. That was my original thinking. I purchased three of the arch bases thinking I would put Belle and Beast with all the objects surrounding them, Aurora and Phillip with the three fairies, and Cinderella and the Prince with the Castle on one side and the Coach on the other and Jaq and Gus minis at the corner of the base. Then I found that the bases were too deep for my cabinets. Oh well, when the new ones ever get in...

Duckman said...

Jeff, didn't realize that you had 3 of them??? Have you noticed any cracking in yours?

The floor coloring of the base really compliments the Pink Dancing Aurora piece. I'm sure the blue version would look just as nice as would Cinderella. Wondering with the size of Beast in the Dancing Belle & Beast sculpture if it would allow you enough space to display the Enchanted Objects?

Koen said...

Thanks for posting the pics Don!!

I'm very pleased with it myself. I always envisioned it as a base for Sleeping Beauty, but it rarely is available on ebay. I never thought it would look this good. I've choosen to display it without the fairies.
The last time i was in DLP, i noticed the star on this base is also near the castle, and the arches are at the back of the castle, so this base isn't interpretive, which makes it nice

Behr said...

Thanks for sharing this idea, I have an extra base and what a wonderful way to use it.

Herc said...

Don, I have one that came to me cracked but it's ok. The other two are perfect. Since the three movies I mentioned took place in castles, thought it to be a good idea to use these bases. When the other two dancing couples came out, I thought trying to get two more, but thought twice. Snow White and Prince would look beautiful on a riser with the Angel Hair you can find at Christmas time to look like clouds. I would then put the castle ornament behind them on a pedestal with angel hair. As for Ariel and Eric, I was thinking more of a nautical theme. She was only in her wedding dress on his ship. Lots of wood. So I'm torn what to do there.
As for BATB, if you move Belle and Beast a little forward, the enchanted objects fit in nice. The wardrobe can be off to the left and the hatrack and footstool off to the right. Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts/Chip can fit under each of the arches. Think it would look great. If we all had the space, would the Signature Series look great right next to it?
Alas, until my Disney Room is done downstairs, all these display options must live on in my head.
Koen, you've done a nice display. Thanks for sharing with us.