Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When One is Not Enough :)

Last week I posted about finally getting around to purchase a display stand that I've had my eye on at Lowe's and was so pleased, was surveying the room to see if possible to add a second one :)

As you can tell from the photo, mission accomplished :) After a few phone calls, was able to locate a second one and also picked up the anchor (which I hadn't seen in the store near me) that tied in perfectly.

These display units gave me a chance to get some pieces out of boxes (either never displayed and/or have been packed away). The Event Stitch ("Greetings from Paradise") teamed with the Tiki Hut Accessory is a favorite of mine that I had only displayed seasonally since purchasing both in the Summer of 2006. Ariel & Eric ("Kiss the Girl") I had always displayed on the top shelf of a curio prior to packing away and finding I like much better displayed on a lower level, looking down onto the sculpture vs. looking up at it. It's amazing how placement can give a sculpture a different look/appeal.

Next month will be joining my Disney Family at the shore, so will be on the lookout for a few items to help enhance my setup such as fishing net, seashells, etc. I'm not one to display everything behind glass and so hate having pieces in boxes and not being able to enjoy them, so always looking for unique ways such as this to display and enjoy!


Behr said...

They look GREAT Don.

Very nicely done!

Glad to see you won the decision for two of them, just seem very balanced!

Duckman said...

Thanks Geoffrey! In person, it's very balanced now as you said. With only one, it seemed like something was missing .. oh, there was .. a second one .. LOL!

feryache said...

Nice ones indeed!!!! I made an special order into a store over here , s special case display for my collection....
this time under glass to protect them from dust!

Duckman said...

Hi Fernando,

What type of display case are you having made? Be sure to share photos once done!