Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"All Hail the Pumpkin King!" Sculpture Release & Signing Announced!

Walt Disney Classics Collection presents "All Hail the Pumpkin King!" Sculpture Release & Signing!

As a special limited release for the 15th Anniversary of Tim Burton's stop-motion animated masterwork, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disneyland® Park plays host Saturday Oct 4th to a monumentally monstrous celebration!

This event marks the worldwide debut of a spectacular new Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture starring the Pumpkin King (Jack Skellington in his rarely seen Halloween night costume) and that briefly-seen-but-impossible-to-miss monstrosity, the Behemoth, just as they are seen at the beginning of the film before the town square sequence. Halloween brings out the best of the worst, as evidenced by the Behemoth ponderously pulling the oddly constructed straw horse on which the Pumpkin King rides through the night.

One of the most elaborate Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures ever released, this Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of only 500 was sculpted by Ruben Procopio and hand-crafted in fine porcelain. It is richly plussed with over twenty-five separate terrifying touches including elements of precious metals, wire, rope, and resin to bring the scene to three-dimensional life (all based on original animation film reference).

Event: Walt Disney Classics Collection presents "All Hail the Pumpkin King!" Sculpture Release & Signing
Date: October 4, 2008
Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Location: Disneyana Shop, Disneyland® Park

Sculpture: Jack Skellington (as the Pumpkin King) and Behemoth
Sculpture Title: "All Hail the Pumpkin King!"
Numbered Limited Edition: 500
SRP: $750.00 US
Sculptor: Ruben Procopio
Approximate Dimensions: 16" H x 15" W x 15" D

Event merchandise must be purchased on the day of release at the event location. Valid Disneyland® Resort receipt may be required. Artist signing is subject to space and time availability and is not guaranteed. Artist will only sign their respective merchandise purchased on the day of the event only. Event information subject to change without notice. Separate admission is required to enter Disneyland® Resort theme parks.


Consultant said...

I've never gone to a release/signing event for a limited edition WDCC sculpture. Since this is so limited and the theme is so popular I imagine this will be a wildly popular signing event. The sad thing is I already have a trip planned for my 40th birthday to Disneyland later in October. But I think this piece is a homerun, sure to appreciate greatly and NBX is one of the themes including in my Disney collection. So it is sort of a must have piece. I imagine it will probably show up on E-bay (probably unsigned) days later at an inflated price and then maybe some signed pieces will pop up once in a while in the months to follow. Considering cost to fly down and back, maybe spend a night and visit a friend would probably run me about $300. I'm guessing I can easily pick it up for a lower total cost from a dealer or on E-bay. But again I have no experience. It's a $750 piece. If a signed one ends up selling for $1250, then it would be worth it to fly down and get in line would it not. But again, I've seen very very few WDCC pieces actually appreciate to any large degree, usually takes many years. Time is money to me to also so will I be waiting in line for several hours? For those of you with previous experience, what's your verdict? Buy one on E-bay and wait for possibly months or a couple years for a signed one and not make a special trip down (it's a 2-hour flight for me.) Seems like I could pay someone's admission plus $100 to go buy it for me! ???

Duckman said...

Hi Consultant,

I've never been one for signatures on my sculptures. I will have the sculptor sign my COA, so probably not the best person to ask but will still add my two cents :)

It all depends on how important the signature is to you. As far as resale, I don't think an artist's signature is going to inflate the original SRP. JTDO.

If your main focus is adding the sculpture itself to your collection, you should check with Authorized Dealers in your area, as part of the allocation will be available to them. You would be able to pick up the sculpture at issue without the added cost of airfare, hotel, meals, etc.

The driving factor to me to attend the signing event would be to have the chance to meet Ruben Procopio who sculpted All Hail the Pumpkin King!. He is both an amazing sculptor and person. JTDO.

Behr said...

So Consultant I agree with part of what Don shares. I for one try to get as many pieces signed as possible. I have over 100 pieces signed now in my collection. With that said, I have secured my piece with an authorized dealer and will hope sometime in the future to go to a signing event at a dealer and hopefully have this piece signed at that time by Ruben. Most dealers will let you bring a piece or two from your collection to sign at an event if you purchase other pieces from them as well. First and foremost, get the piece secured somewhere. As you stated, this piece is going to be very popular and the 500 pieces will be split between Disneyland, Disneyworld and select authorized dealers. You run the chance of having all of the expenses and possibly not getting the piece in the end.

My desire to have the pieces signed is that in the long term investment of the line, I believe that the value will increase for pieces that do bear signatures, again that is my personal opinion but also a driving force in securing signatures.

I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit and decision!