Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Cool Display Stand I Found!

I've actually had my eye on this stand for some time after seeing in Lowe's this past spring when they began to put the summer items in the store. I finally got around to calling on Sunday to see if still in stock and not only was in stock but on sale! You can't beat that :)

It's described as a Canoe Outdoor Plant Stand/Shelf and thought perfect for our sunroom and an opportunity to get some pieces out of their boxes and on display :) It's made of durable polyresin and stands 36"H x 17.5"W x 10.5" D.

The room is done in a tropical/beach theme, so it fit perfectly with the decor and as you notice, I kept the pieces themed to fit as well. The arrival of Donald & Yellowbeak ("Pirate Gold") is what really prompted me to check on the availability of the stand. The 2006 Membership Gift Ariel ("Seaside Serenade"), the Instant Redemption Scuttle ("Muddled Mentor") and Visa Exclusive Flounder & Sebastian ("Off-Shore Ovation") worked perfectly for the top shelf. Was undecided on the bottom to go with Ariel & Eric ("Kiss the Girl"-2001 Gold Circle Exclusive) or Hook, Smee & Tiger Lily ("An Irresistible Lure"-2007 Numbered Limited Edition). As you can see, I went with the latter.

I'm now surveying the room to see if room for a 2nd one .. LOL! Already have the 3 shelves planned for a 2nd one :)


Babette said...

Still think you need to dig out your WDAC 2000 convention gift coin chest to go on the Yellow Beak shelf. That would be a nice grouping together.

You can rotate sooo many pieces on this display stand. Admiral Donald, any Nemo piece, Paradise Stitch with the Tiki Hut Nemo accessory or Tiki gods piece, Fishing Mickey, Fishing Goofy, etc.

Duckman said...

Hey Babs,

Do plan on digging out the Coin Chest from the 2000 WDAC Convention. Just trying to remember where I put it .. LOL!

Admiral Donald and Tiki Hut with Event Stitch sculpture were other candidates. Don't have Fishing Mickey or Fishing Goofy. :(

Mary is more for rotation vs. buying a 2nd one. ]:)

Matthew said...

Don, is the Crocodile hiding on that bottom shelf?

Love the display.

My brother has a pair of these in this family room with nautical equipment on them... I couldn't convince him to add any sea-like WDCC to the display.

Behr said...

Very nice display. I think two of them would be awesome! Just my two cents, heehee.

Thanks for sharing

Duckman said...

Matthew-Thanks! Unfortunately, the Croc doesn't fit. Possibly could have placed him in the back but didn't want to clutter the shelf.

Didn't bother me too much since not totally wild about the Croc in this set. Have the original Croc (which I LOVE!) on display in the same room, so didn't feel the need for the 2nd one.

The stand is made very nice and liked it from the first time I saw it. You'll have to email and let me know how your brother has his placed (near each other? close together?). You can tell I'm leaning towards wanting to pick up a 2nd one .. LOL!

Geoffrey-Thanks! Knew I could count on you to encourage me to go for a 2nd one .. LOL!

Koen said...

Hi Don,

Very nice display. Ideal for when you don't have the room for another curio, but need to place some extra pieces. I love the fact that the pieces work so great with the display itself

Duckman said...

Hi Koen,

Thanks! Trying to figure how to work another curio in but as you said, this helps display some pieces vs. having them stuck in their boxes in the meantime.

The pieces do work perfectly. Ended up better than I envisioned. Still trying to figure where I could put a 2nd one :)

Going to look for some fish netting to drape over the canoe and either sea shells or something else beach related (seashell, crab, etc.) to place at the base near/around the palm plant to really accentuate the feel of the room and display.

When done, will post an updated photo :)