Sunday, February 10, 2008

WDCC Calendar Update: Final Two (2) Years Added!

The final two (2) years, the 1998 Calendar and 1999 Calendar are now on-line! What started as being a challenging project ended up being a fun project and now completed, am glad I took this project on and the website now contains the complete Calendar Schedules from 1992-2008 and another facet of WDCC History documented.

A Special Note: Couldn't find confirmed information on the release month for the Hag and Kanga & Roo miniatures but from my research, was able to narrow down to approximately November, 1999. I plan to continue and research this one out and put in the proper month if where I have now, is incorrect. Also, I didn't include the Mickey Cuts Up Base (even though included in the Secondary Guide) since it was produced by Roman for Parkwest/NALED.

The mascots chosen for both 1998 and 1999 come from Sleeping Beauty. The Dancing Pink Aurora ("A Dance in the Clouds") as you can see, is my favorite from 1998. The Dancing Aurora was done in both a pink & blue version, which was the subject of a blog entry this past August.

Making a choice for 1999 wasn't so easy since (at least for me), it was hard to choose between the Maleficent Event Sculpture ("Evil Enchantress") and Maleficent as the Dragon ("And Now You Shall Deal With Me" the 1999 Disneyana Featured Sculpture). Amanda helped me out by creating a logo which featured both. I really like how this logo turned out!! I just might be my favorite. Great job Amanda!!

For all those that asked me to undertake this project, Thank You! If not for your perserverance, it probably may not have happened. While working on this project, also began fixing the meta tags on the individual sculpture pages to help fine-tune the Search Engine. Now that all the Calendar Years are on-line, want to continue working on correcting those pages for releases from 2000-2008. A webmaster's work is never done! LOL!


Babette said...

Great logo for 1999 Don! I remember that Disneyana public day was the first time I saw Marc Davis...but mostly I remember it for standing in line for like 3 hrs to get in!

cuatrecess said...

You're amazing Don! Many thanks!


Duckman said...

Michelle & Cheryl,

Thanks very much! You're more than welcome.

I remember being at the first WDAC Convention and that piece being unveiled and totally blown away. It was a definite must have for me. Since I didn't buy the Hitchhiking Ghosts, I substituted the Dragon as my convention purchase later that year :)

Herc said...

You are wonderful. Thank you.
And thanks to Amanda for the wonderful job on the Mal/Dragon logo. It is perfect.
Hope I wasn't too much of a pain in the tookus! I love having these calendars.
Your website never ceases to amaze me. Love all the graphics, trivia, and now, calendars for each year. Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings for the Duckman's Inside Report.
I think the 1999 logo is the best one of the bunch.

Duckman said...

You're more than welcome Jeff! I too thought the logo turned out awesome! I will forward your comment to Amanda, I know she'll appreciate it.

Not a pain at all buddy and truly appreciate the kind words and support!

Babette said...

Ummm, Don, I think that's spelled "buddie".....tee hee

Herc said...

That was way too funny, little feather duster.