Thursday, February 21, 2008

Captain Mickey Retired?

I received the following question regarding the status of Captain Mickey ("Set Sail for Fun"), a 2007 Disney Cruise Line® exclusive.

Question: Been getting some queries regarding the new Captain Mickey on the Cruise Ships as to its being retired and how soon stock will run out on it. Would you mind inquiring and seeing if the Ships are still carrying it?

Answer: The Walt Disney Classics Collection Disney Cruise Line exclusive of Captain Mickey: Set Sail for Fun is not retired. It may be out of stock due to strong guest demand aboard the ships but there is a re-order in process with the porcelain studio and the ships should be re-supplied by April if not earlier.

The original Disney Cruise Line® Captain Mickey (2003 Open Edition) was retired due to the Captain Mickey character on the ships having a costume update — the navy whites with the gold trim. Captain Mickey ("Set Sail for Fun") was released in May, 2007 reflecting the updated costume. Available only on the Disney Cruise Line®.

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