Monday, February 4, 2008

WDCC Calendar Update: 1996-1997 On-Line!

The 1996 Calendar and 1997 Calendar are now available on-line! It is during these years you'll notice we saw a lot of releases from Enchanted Places mixed within the regular sculpture releases plus the first of three companion Sericels to the Animators' Choice release for that year.

The mascot for 1996 is Donald Duck ("Donald's Drum Beat") from Symphony Hour. This is my 2nd favorite Donald release. It was my first purchase from the Symphony Hour Scene and at that time, had only planned on purchasing Donald and the Opening Title. That plan didn't last long :) Donald was followed by Clara Cluck and then Horace & Clarabelle. Had to purchase those two together, there was no way I could split them up :) I eventually completed the scene and ranks as the one scene in the collection, that took me the longest to complete. Sadly, the entire scene are all in their boxes and keep hoping for the day to finally get them all on display along with the Crystal Backdrop.

1997 was a tough choice on who would be the mascot. You can see that Chernabog won out but was a tough decision between him and the Dancing Belle & Beast. Am not a big fan of Fantasia (sorry Matthew and Tim) but find the Night on Bald Mountain segment mesmorizing and Kent Melton did such an amazing job in bringing this character to 3D!

Just two more years to go ....


Herc said...

Wow Don, do you ever work fast.
Thanks for doing this for us. Love the 1997 logo also. Cherney is sure menacing.

Duckman said...

You're welcome Jeff! Glad you like the logo. Thought it turned out pretty cool!