Friday, February 1, 2008

First Retirements for 2008!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is pleased to announce several sculpture retirements effective February 01, 2008:

Nature Calls!
From Disney's Brother Bear:

Koda: "Sitting Cub"

Special Note: The Opening Title was not retired.

Up, Up and Away!

From Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles:

Edna Mode: "It's My Way Or The Runway"
Mr. Incredible: "Evil Has Met Its Match"
Elastigirl (Mrs. Incredible): "Limber Lady"
Jack-Jack: "Baby Power"

Special Note: Jack-Jack is actually a 'dry retirement' since there is no inventory available at the warehouse. The Opening Title was not retired.


From Disney's It's a Small World:

Tahiti: "Maeva" (Welcome)


disneyprincess27 said...

It is always sad to see when pieces are being retired especially you never got a chance to buy them, you then have to resort to ebay!
Does anyone know if they are going to create any CARS pieces- i've been waiting and waiting and nothing.

Herc said...

Don't know about Cars, but I know it is high on a few collectors' lists.
I have all of these retirements. I'm hoping more Small World kiddies get retired. There are alot out there and it would add some more excitement to this series.
As for Brother Bear, so glad they didn't retire the title as I would lover to see Rip and Tuck.
Same for The Incredibles. I would love for WDCC to finish the family with Dash and Violet. Frozone would be great to add also.

Duckman said...

DisneyPrincess-As Jeff said, currently there is no mention of releases from Cars but based on a recent poll (at the Internet Cafe), interest is there.

I'm collecting the Mattel die-cast cars, which they've been doing a phenomenal job with but wouldn't mind seeing some of the characters from Cars done in porcelain.

Jeff-They definitely could thin out Small World some more. Not counting ornaments, there have been 31 Small World releases which include one (1) Members Only release (Mermaid) and five (5) Accessory Items. Including today's retirement, only eight (8) have been retired so far.

Babette said...

Watched the Incredibles last night on the Disney Channel. This is such a great funny movie. Forgot how good it was. Would love if they round out the family and do Dash and Violet one day....maybe they can be commission pieces?!?!
Maeva is definitely one of the BEST of the Small World line. Would be great if they came out with the island boys surfing as the follow up piece to the Tahiti/Hawaiian area of the ride.