Friday, January 21, 2011

'Reflections of Christmas Past' has Sold Out!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection Sales Force and Authorized Dealers were notified yesterday of the sold out status of Scrooge and Daisy (as Isabelle) from Mickey's Christmas Carol.

In this charming version of the Dickens classic put on by Mickey and his friends, many Disney favorites put in a welcome appearance, including glamorous Daisy who portrays the young Scrooge’s ladylove, Isabelle,bedecked in her holiday best.

Reflections of Christmas Past, sculpted by Ruben Procopio was Limited to Production Year 2010. Scrooge and the Window Facade are made of resin and plussed with clear plastic window panes due to attachments and materials. Daisy is made of porcelain. Both pieces are sold together as a set.

No additional orders will be processed for this popular pair. Please contact your Authorized WDCC Dealer and/or the Walt Disney Theme Parks for availability!


Herc said...

Now I know this is a great sign for the continuation of this Christmas series. I cannot wait for the tree and nephews coming soon.
Hopefully in the future, these holiday releases can get back on a second or third quarter schedule so we can enjoy them for the holidays. I adore them and they look so festive during the holidays.
Would love to continue two different scenes as they are doing now. Ok, we got Marley's Ghost, Ghost of Christmas Past with Jiminy. Let's hope for the other two ghosts. Also more additions to the party scene.
If WDCC gets brave, maybe they can introduce a whole scene at once with releases for four years like they did with the Lady and the Tramp Christmas scene. The ending scene with Tiny Tim would be perfect.
Ok, I digress, I just love all these Mickey's Christmas Carol pieces and hope they continue indefinitely like the NBC pieces seem to do (and also continue to sell out).

Duckman said...

Hey Jeff,

Was very glad when I heard this set sold-out, as you said, a great sign for continuation of this series.

I truly would love to see them expand on this scene, given so many esoteric characters were part of it. Truly hoping (and keep mentioning every chance I get), they add Mr. Toad as Fezziweg to this scene.

SO looking forward to the Nephews and Tree piece slated for arrival next month. I fell in love with this piece when we saw in November at Gallery of the Lakes.

I too would like to see these pieces get back on a second or third quarter release to have in time for the holidays. Was very excited that Scrooge & Daisy arrived in time for Christmas but opted this past year not to display and wait until this year to display with Nephews & Tree.

I too wouldn't mind if they fleshed the Parkwest/NALED Scrooge and gave us the Bad Wolf and Three Pigs who are standing on the corner as Scrooge passes by.

Mickey's Christmas Carol has been one that collectors have asked for years and very glad to see we were finally heard and the series seems to be doing so well!