Friday, January 21, 2011

Remaining Summer 2010 Releases Arriving at Retailers!

As a long time collector of the Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC), it's been really nice over the past few weeks seeing so many of the releases announced for Spring, Summer and Fall 2010 finally starting to arrive and ship from retailers.

Earlier this week, the last of the Summer 2010 releases started to arrive at retailers .. Bambi & Thumper and Gus and Jaq. The initial shipments have started to arrive and should be arriving throughout the rest of this month into next. If your dealer hasn't received yet, be patient, as they should be arriving soon!

"Just Eat the Blossoms. That's the Good Stuff!" (featuring Bambi & Thumper) and "Saving Cinderelly" (featuring Gus and Jaq) both Limited to Production Year 2010 were sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

There are now two remaining releases from 2010 left to arrive at retailers, Dumbo (in Clown Face) & Timothy Mouse from Dumbo and Nephews with Tree from Mickey's Christmas Carol. Last I heard, Dumbo should be arriving by month's end and Nephews with Tree in February.


Herc said...

I cannot tell you how wonderful these sculpts are. The are so detailed and the facial expressions of Gus and Jaq are priceless. They are very detailed and high quality. Love them.

Duckman said...

Hi Jeff,

When we first saw images of these pieces last March, both Bambi & Thumper and Gus & Jaq were family favorites. Was so glad to see that both looked just as great in person when we all saw them in November at Gallery of the Lakes.

Your email to our group this morning on these pieces had me immediately call Ray and order both. Not sure if I should thank you or not .. LOL!

So looking forward to both of them arriving early next week.

Herc said...

Oh you can thank me for spending your money. People do it to me all the time so I thought I would pay it forward...LOL
Bambi is the perfect spring piece and will look fantastic out on display for Easter.

Duckman said...


I must thank you buddy! After a long day, was so nice to arrive home from work and be met with two (2) WDCC green boxes waiting for me!

Both Bambi & Thumper and Gus & Jaq are so well done!

As mentioned before, these two were early favorites of mine from the Summer 2010 Announcement but after studying each piece last night, could NOT imagine not having them in my collection!

Love the coloring and detail on both pieces. Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales consistently has been putting out great sculptures for the line since she was introduced. Can't wait to see what she'll be doing next!

Thanks Jeff!!