Friday, January 21, 2011

New Cinderella Sculpture Reclassified as a Limited Edition

The following was sent out to the Walt Disney Classics Collection Sales Force and Retailers today:

"As the first shipments of the Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture Cinderella and Prince Charming: Royal Introduction have started to arrive an error has been brought to our attention.

This sculpture was intended to have both a 60th Anniversary Backstamp (commemorating the film's anniversary) and a Numbered Limited Edition 750 mark. The sculpture does have the Anniversary Backstamp but is missing the Edition Box where the pieces would ordinarily be hand-numbered as they are produced.

Since the sculptures have dispersed worldwide, the pieces and accompanying certificates can not be numbered. Instead, the sculpture will be reclassified as a Limited Edition 750 rather than a Numbered Limited Edition 750. We will be updating Facts & Firsts for 2011 to correct the description from a Numbered Limited Edition to its current status as a Limited Edition 750."


Herc said...

Well I will tell you something: limted edition, number limited edition, summer release, limited to year 2010 or open edition, this is the BEST Cinderella piece ever. I almost cried when I got the piece for my birthday. Perfect moment and Cinderella's face is spot on. And both are only held together in two tiny spots. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Get it while you can because this piece is going to be gone and quick.

Duckman said...

Thanks Jeff for your review of the new Cinderella and Prince Charming sculpture! For those unable to see in person, I know this kind of information is quite helpful!

If anyone is on the fence, they may want to contact their dealer, as you may recall, this sculpture was sold-out in pre-orders on April 15, 2010 barely six weeks after it was announced.

Here is a link to that entry --