Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time to Say Good-Bye!

Sometimes a temporary structure lasts a little too long...

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Herc said...

I am so with you Don.

That hat is an eyesore and has run its course as the icon for Walt's 100th celebration.

I hope that one day the Studios can have the Chinese Theatre as the "weenie" at the end of Hollywood Blvd again. Hollywood and Sunset Blvds are so well themed. Maybe more of an emphasis could be made here to keep to the theme and possibly add the trolley cars that were planned for Sunset Blvd. since they are being added to DCA.
Better yet, let's block off the entrance to Rock N Roller Coaster from Sunset. Doesn't match the theme. Possibly an entrance from the Animation Courtyard instead.
Give me the budget and let me loose at DHS!!

Gregory said...

As the wand did over Spaceship Earth, the big Sorcerer hat only serves to clutter the landscape with an icon or image that is TOTALLY out of place for its location. The beautiful Chinese Theater so carefully recreated by the artists at WDI is hidden behind an icon that's only purpose is to sell pins. While the hat is an interesting piece of architecture in concept, it is WOEFULLY misplaced at the end of Hollywood Blvd. All i can do is repeat the words of the video and say "Disney - tear down that hat!"

jworthington said...

It was always an eyesore and never fit in. Contrary to the true Disney spirit, it was created to sell and move merchandise, of which even what is sold under it has been push way out of proportion to what true Disney collectors really want. The same old merchandise stays in stores for months and months. It seems true ingenuity and great items for sale have gone the way of the original Disney and his greatness.

Matthew said...

I sincerely love the hat... I just absolutely hate its location!

I was working at the Great Movie Ride on opening day in 1989. I remember looking down Hollywood Boulevard as the first official day guests began to approach. You could tell that the Theatre was a magnet... an awe inspiring salute to the magic of the movies, drawing guests into its magical world, new, yet full of silver screen memories.

The Theatre was always a draw for me... I just couldn't head anywhere else in the park without visiting there first... it became almost like a pilgrimage for me.

I'm glad I wasn't working there when the hat was installed. I don't think I could have taken the sight of the Theatre being covered up. You don't hide an icon with an icon!

I would love to see the hat moved... perhaps out to the entrance complex... just get it out of the way of that beautiful theatre.

Thanks for letting me vent.
Matthew said...

Here is the real problem...WHO CARES> for sure Disney does not and that is the entire problem, Build it and they will come and they always come no matter what icon is there and remains.. NO one will ever boycott to make them change...It's kind of like the cubs,, Why pay for good athletes, they are sold out every game..
my 3 cents

Duckman said...

I'd have to disagree with you Mark. There are people who care .. the fans and YES there are people who will boycott or make their voice heard .. case in point, the Friends of Figment who were able to have some of the original attraction put back into the ride and the removal of the wand on the Epcot ball.

So there is hope the hat could be removed and the park put back the way it was intended.

Herc said...

Ah, Animation Art, I care!!
Why build such a beautiful recreation of the Chinese Theatre and then cover it up with a huge hat that has no other purpose but to be used in marketing and to sell a few pins? They didn't even think when constructing it if it could be used for a stage. They still put another stage in front of it. There really is no purpose. It's time that the paying public voiced their opinion on it to get that removed. It seems that people who care at Disney are finally speaking up. It also could be the thousands of complaints received daily at the park. It could be the many fan sites, you tube offerings, blogs, etc., who have also voiced an opinion to show Disney they do care.
The hat loses the look and feel of old Hollywood that never was.

Matthew said...

Um... boycotting Walt Disney World does not equal Disney removing the hat... there are plenty of other things Disney would turn their attention to if guest started boycotting.

Only calm, rational viewpoints expressed to Disney in a variety of ways, like this blog and comments at Guest Relations would ever help to get the hat removed.

Navyne said...

Everything seems to be changing now days. Or maybe I'm just an old fuddy-duddy