Friday, July 17, 2009

Sideshow Collectibles Unveils the Horned King!

Sideshow Collectibles has updated their website with the latest release in the Disney Bust Series from Grand Jester Studios and the creators of the Walt Disney Classics Collection for Fourth Quarter 2009 .. Tremble, mortals, at the terrible glory and fearsome visage of the Horned King!

Erupting from the stygian depths of the Black Cauldron itself, this ghastly ghoul has set his baleful sights upon all who dwell within the fabled kingdom of Prydain. The ultimate embodiment of decay and corruption, this character authentic, polystone mini-bust is designed and sculpted by veteran Disney animator and sculptor Rubén Procopio.

Standing an impressive 10 ½” high, the rarely portrayed Horned King villain from Disney’s The Black Cauldron (1985) comes painted and ready to display.

Item # 4013950 UPC 045544216029
Numbered Limited Edition (NLE): 1,000
SRP: $80.00 US
Scheduled Release: Fourth Quarter 2009
© Disney


Matthew said...

Wow! Very cool and very dramatic!

Babette said...

Carl is going to be ecstatic when he sees this one.
Love the cauldron as the base of the piece! said...

Over the Top I love IT!

Gregory said...

I thought the same thing when I saw this Babs. Carl will filp!

Herc said...

Gotta get Carl to view this. He is finally going to be able to get something from Black Cauldron. It really does look great.

William O. Tyler said...

Just got to see all the new busts (Jessica, Tink, Stitch and Horned King) in person at Comic Con. They all look amazing and Horned King is huge! He must be the tallest bust yet.

Duckman said...

The Horned King looks AMAZING! That is one film I could never embrace but like this character.

Hopefully the piece will do well and we'll see something eventually done in the WDCC. Recall the Horned King being one of the possibilities for the Collector Choice Series, hopefully would get enough interest and be selected for a Villains Series release.

William-Thanks for the update from SDCC. I believe the Horned King is the tallest to date. From photos, Triton and Ursula are my favorites. With collecting WDCC, Cars diecast and Vinyls, not ready to start another collection .. LOL!

Sir Tremaine said...

Yes I'm a huge collector as well and am biting my tongue as I stop myself from beginning with Sideshow's Premium Format Disney Figures....The Evil Queen there is beautiful, but that series will be far too expensive for me to start!