Monday, July 6, 2009

'Favorite' of the 3rd Qtr. Releases Poll Results!

Our recent Your 'Favorite' of the 3rd Qtr. Releases Poll has ended. Of those choices polled, the results are as follows:
  • 24.62% - Haunted Mansion Organist (Theme Park Exclusive)
  • 23.13% - Dwarfs on Log (Signature Series)
  • 14.18% - Scrooge and Marley (Mickey's Christmas Carol Series)
  • 8.21% - Vampire Quartet (Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • 5.97% - Jiminy Cricket (Event Sculpture)
  • 5.97% - Walt Disney & Oswald
  • 4.48% - Jasmine (Leading Ladies Series)
  • 4.48% - Mickey Mouse (Runaway Brain)
  • 3.73% - Jiminy Cricket (GC Exclusive Whiteware)
  • 1.49% - Aladdin
  • 1.49% - Snow White
  • .75% - Bat Kid (Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • .75% - Dr. Frankenollie (Runaway Brain)
  • .75% - Peru (Small World)
I will leave the results up for the Your 'Favorite' of the 3rd Qtr. Releases Poll for a few days for anyone who wants to see/compare the final results. As with previous polls, Blogger results never add exactly to 100%, so the accountant in me recalculated the results based on the number of people who voted in each category to the total :)

Thanks to all who participated!


Matthew said...

Yay! Go Haunted Mansion!

While there isn't a bad piece in this quarter... no not one... I just was entralled with the Organist.

Bring on the rest of the Mansion! Please!

Thank you!

YourGhostHost said...

Totally agree! I made a special trip down to WDW just to see this piece in person and it does not disappoint. I hope if there is a HM series that the releases are done like the POTC series. I know HM will always be popular but, it just seems like peoples interest for the series is very high right now wih the organ player coming soon. I hope more HM sculpts are close to being announced!

Duckman said...

The Haunted Mansion has been a popular topic here at the blog. Expected the upcoming Haunted Mansion Organist to end near the top but a nice surprise ending at #1.

With the recent Hatbox Ghost discussion (and results of Haunted Mansion Series Poll at this time, a definite interest in seeing a series materialize.

Rumors are afloat this is the first in a series, castmembers continue to confirm this with guests (as have other message boards) but have been unable to get a confirmation there is an actual series in place.

YourGhostHost-Glad you were able to make it down to WDW and check out the upcoming sculpture. Not only a great job done by Dusty on the sculpture itself but like the opalescent coloring used on the ghost and the effect of dust on the organ and base.